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CCSI Will be Attending the MBA Conference 2022


Call Center Services International (CCSI) will attend this year’s MBA Conference at the Music City Center in Nashville, this October 23rd - 26th.

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is the only association representing all segments of the real estate finance industry. MBA Conference unites the interests of diverse stakeholders, from main street to wall street, spanning all aspects of real estate finance, including commercial, multifamily, and residential.

CCSI is a World-class Contact Center strategically located in Mexico. We help U.S. companies establish high-performance and cost-effective Nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico.

Our solution will allow you to reduce labor and operational costs while accomplishing your mortgage servicing objectives with our bilingual workforce.

Join us! We’d be delighted to meet with you and discuss the benefits of establishing a Mexico contact center.

Discover the Nearshore Mexico advantage! Contact us or call us now at (877) 399-3419 to schedule a 1:1 meeting.


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