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4 Ways A Nearshore Contact Center Increases Performance

Nearshore Contact Center Performance

When we talk about Nearshore, many will mention its cost-saving advantage and the significant recruitment pool of call center agents, which are good things to consider for a contact center company. But, Did you know that Nearshore can improve your contact center performance?


Nearshore Improves Contact Center Performance


There are several ways Nearshore increases performance, starting with the bilingual ability of the agents, the increase in workforce capacity you can achieve, the expertise they have, and the low turnover rates they manage. Are you not convinced yet? Keep reading.


Bilingual and Bicultural Service

You might already know that thanks to the geographical proximity, one of the more significant advantages of Nearshore is the English fluency of bilingual call center agents and their cultural alignment with the United States. These characteristics let them perform as well as your U.S. team and sometimes even better.

But there is another ample opportunity when talking about a bilingual contact center service. The agents can answer calls both in Spanish and English. It can reduce your call transfers, increase your First Contact Resolution rate and, as a result, improve your performance and customer experience.

And there’s more: you can obtain more coverage of the Hispanic market, which is prominent in America. Nearshore agents can quickly build rapport with both American and Latin American customers.


Increase Agent Capacity

You might need to increase your agent capacity to reduce customer waiting time, work more accounts, get more leads, and close sales. But growing your agent capacity in America can be costly, not only because of the agents’ salary but building space, equipment, etc. In other cases, it might just be difficult to recruit more agents.

Nearshore can help you expand your team at almost 50% of the cost with a minimum investment, and you will have access to a bigger and talented pool of agents. You will be able to work on those things you currently cannot or boost your engine with more high-performing representatives, and by this way, increase your performance.


Nearshore Expertise

We group a couple of things here; one is the agents’ expertise. In several Nearshore regions, you can find many contact centers, and it is common to recruit agents with experience working in customer service.

In addition, there’s the educational level in the region; for example, more than 50% of people in Mexico have finished primary education. It’s also important to mention that thanks to the big recruitment pool, Nearshore contact centers can choose the right people for your team.

The second point is the expertise of the managers and staff in general. A Nearshore contact center works with several clients that can have similar processes as yours. Managers gain experience working with other clients and can provide that expertise to your operation to increase performance.


Lower Turnover Rate

A contact center job in the U.S. is perceived differently than in Latin America. In Mexico, for instance, many manufacturing jobs can be dirty, dangerous, and low paying. When people compare them with contact center jobs with much better work conditions, they choose to stay in their call center job.

Another reason for the high employee engagement in Nearshore contact centers is that agents can make a career path. They start as an agent, then move to be a supervisor, then a manager, or promoted to administrative positions.

Thanks to the rapid growth of these centers, there are many opportunities to grow. But how can a low turnover rate increase your performance? You must know by now that a newly hired agent will perform poorly in their first weeks and your past agent’s productivity level. Therefore, you will get better performance if you reduce the employee turnover rate.


Now when you think of nearshoring, you will not be thinking only about cost but also the opportunity of increasing your performance considerably, and even more if you are already offshoring your call center.


Call Center Services International helps you establish a Nearshore Call Center in Mexico that will reduce your overhead and labor costs by up to 50%. We build your team with talented bilingual and bicultural agents and experienced managers, and we are proud to say that we have a low turnover rate. Contact us to learn more.