6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Contact Center Service

6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Contact Center Service

Hiring a nearshore call center team is a complicated decision. You will need to make sure that every detail will be performed in the correct way and that your nearshore contact center mirrors your company’s culture.

You need to understand that when it comes choosing a nearshore contact center team it is not only about the cost, there are more important aspects to consider.

Let us help you make a better analysis on what nearshore outsourcing company should you choose to help you grow your business. Take a moment to research and take notes on these six essential aspects:

1. Compatibility With Company Culture and Organization – Remember that a nearshore team is an extension of your operation. They will be serving your customers and you need to align this team to your company culture to reach not only your short-term goals but longer term objectives, as well as your vision. Read about their mission and vision and see how it can be compatible to your company. Ask them about their culture.

2. Information Security Standards – Your nearshore team will be taking care of your customers. You will need to make sure that all their information is secure. Ask them what compliance measures they are taking to prevent information leakage and fraud.

3. Quality Of Workforce – Does their workforce have the skills and abilities to follow the processes and service you require them to implement? How much control over their performance will you have? Ask about their selection and training processes, research their current performance with other similar clients.

4. Work Environment – Teams work better when they are treated well. They need to receive a proper salary and benefits. They need to feel comfortable with the job to have a good performance. This also affects the turnover rate in the operation, you will not want to spend extra time and resources on training new members frequently. Ask about the salary and benefits that their workers are getting, what is their management style and company culture.

5. Cultural Alignment With The United States – Make sure that you look for a nearshore outsourcing option that offers a workforce with great English skills, but that it’s also culturally aligned with the US. Also, make sure they share the same Time Zone. While this significantly increases cultural alignment with the US, it is also extremely helpful when managing your nearshore call center team.

6. Training Model – If you want your nearshore team to perform as well or better as your contact center team, training is key. Ask if you can train the trainer, so that your nearshore team will have the same training as your home team, allowing them to successfully achieve your KPIs.

After researching and analyzing all your options, now you can be sure you will make a better decision by taking in consideration these essential aspects of your contact center services options at a nearshore location.

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