4 Misconceptions About Nearshore: We Refute Them!

4 Misconceptions About Nearshore: We Refute Them!

You might have heard many things about Nearshore, either good or bad, that are not necessarily true. Every experience is different, every Nearshore company is different, and there can be rumors and misconceptions just because it’s associated with offshore and outsourcing.

But we invite you to take the time to learn more about Nearshore. You will realize that Nearshore is very different than offshore and that it can be a good opportunity for your business… Or maybe not. But that would be something you figure out with your own research and your knowledge about your company. Just to show you that some things you might have heard or thought about Nearshore are not true, here are 4 misconceptions we refute!

It’s Only For Companies That Do Not Care About Customer Service

Nearshoring does not equal sacrificing Customer Satisfaction. Your Customer Service will be as good as you want it to be. Nearshore offers talented, bicultural and bilingual agents, and gives you the opportunity to train the trainers or train the agents yourself, using your same systems and processes. Nearshore allows you to implement the same culture you have in your U.S. contact center more easily, you know your business better than anyone else, you know what works the best and how to satisfy your customers. For these reasons, Nearshore can equal your same level of Customer Satisfaction and, in some cases, surpass it.


It’s Only To Reduce Cost But Sacrifices Performance

Some years ago, many U.S. companies started to offshore their contact center operations and, these days, they have started to realize that what they are saving in cost they are losing on performance. Many think this will also happen with Nearshore. The reality is that Nearshore can help you increase your performance while reducing cost. Nearshore has several benefits that allow this, such as bilingual service capability, the ability to increase agent capacity fast, industry expertise, and low turnover rate that several Nearshore contact centers have. Want to know more about how Nearshore helps you increase performance? Read our article: 4 Ways A Nearshore Contact Center Can Help You Increase Performance.


I Will Lose Control Of The Operation

Again, with Nearshore you keep as much control as you want. For instance, at CCSI, we mirror your operation, you are welcome to visit your operation as many times as you want, you receive reports in real-time, you can train our staff not only on your processes but your company culture. We invite you to get involved from implementation to start-up and then keep an eye on your Nearshore operation. This way, you can keep control because, in the end, its YOUR operation, it’s your Nearshore contact center.


It’s Taking Jobs Away From America

This topic can be a little complicated. We believe there are two ways of seeing it. Just to clarify, using CCSI as an example, we don’t want you to close your operation in the U.S., we want to be an extension of it. But it’s true, if you expand your operation in the U.S. you will generate those jobs in America and if you Nearshore you will generate them in another country. Now, not all about this is bad. Why? First, because you will be contributing to a country’s economy and people. For example, in Tijuana, a popular Nearshore location, we hire many U.S. deportees, people that have the skills to offer great contact center service because of their ties with U.S. culture, and they are people that find a second opportunity in these call center jobs when they are starting a new life in Mexico. Second, you will be saving money to invest in other areas of your company and, this way, grow your company, which translates to more high and mid-level jobs. You can offer internal growth opportunities to your employees and keep hiring in the U.S. At the end you will generate jobs in the two counties.


We invite you to keep reading our blog articles to learn more about Nearshore. Or contact one of our business development experts. Or consult some experts like Corey Kotlarz and Peter Ryan. Don’t let others decide what is good or not for your business.

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