5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Outsourcing Company

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Outsourcing Company

Are you in the process of choosing an outsourcing company? Before making a decision, be sure that you know all you need to know about that company, from what they offer to how they are going to manage your project.

If we forget to ask the correct questions, we can risk choosing the wrong solution our company. But don’t worry, here are several questions you should ask an outsourcing company to make a wiser decision.

What level of experience can I expect from your personnel?
If you are going to delegate part of your business to another company, you should be worried about who is going to manage it and how prepared they are to do it. Do they have the knowledge, the experience? For example, if you outsource part of your contact center, you need to know if the agents have a good level in English, if they are customer-friendly, just to mention some. It’s okay to ask the outsourcer about the career background and the skills of the people who are going to manage and work in your project. Ask about their personnel selection process and resumes of the management team if needed. Also, if you can visit their site and talk with some people in the company, it would be even better.


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What type of infrastructure and technology do you use?
Nowadays, our businesses rely on technology. This Is why it’s really important to know what technology our outsourcers are going to use. Do they have what we need? How does that perform? Ask about the infrastructure, what internet providers they use, how do they protect their data centers, if they have a power generator, what systems, computer equipment do they use. Is that the technology that you need? If you need something extra, will they provide it? A what cost? Again, we recommend you make an on-site visit to see the facilities and the physical infrastructure with your own eyes.


What are the security measures that you have in place?
If you are going to share privileged information with the outsourcing company, you need to know what security measures they have, from firewalls to cameras. What online security they have, what policies they have in place to protect information on-site, how do they control the access of personnel and the access of information, how many people will have access to your information, what insurances will they provide, and if they have quality standards regarding security.


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How will you help me boost my performance?
As we have mentioned several times before, an outsourcing company should not only help you reduce cost, but boost performance. We recommend you look for a company that has experience, that will work shoulder to shoulder with you and help you grow. Ask about how they are going to manage your project. Will they set it up and forget about it or are they going to give you reports, track KPIs, provide feedback and improvements? If they are, ask for case studies or ask them about a time they have helped a client boost their performance.


Ask for references
Outsourcing companies can promise us many things and say great things about what they offer, but to have a better perspective of who they are and what kind of service they offer is actually speaking with their clients. They are the ones who can tell you if they are satisfied with the results, how the outsourcing company has solved their problems, the achievements the company has had thanks to this solution, and the strongest or weakest points of the outsourcing service. It also helps to know if the company has experience with a similar client and if those partnerships have been successful.


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