Establishing a Mexico Call Center

Best Nearshore Location
Benefits of Mexican Call Centers


At CCSI, we are experts in establishing call centers in Mexico for top U.S. companies seeking to expand their labor pool and gain a competitive cost advantage. Our bilingual call center services have helped companies in the Financial, Medical, Insurance, and Technology industries take advantage of these nearshoring benefits.

Nearshore Outsourcing provides many competitive advantages with call center outsourcing. Significant labor cost-savings of 50% versus U.S., a large bilingual & bicultural recruitment pool, proximity, IT land connections with the U.S., and operational control of a world-class professional workforce.


These Nearshore Call Center Benefits Include:

Call Center Pricing

Reduce Call Center Cost

Our Customers realize an immediate competitive advantage because of the huge call center cost savings benefit a contact center in Mexico provides. Mexico call center agents rates and overhead expenses are up to 50% less than the U.S.

Call Center Agents

Call Center Workforce in Mexico

Nearshore Mexico has the largest bilingual (English/Spanish) workforce in Latin America. Mexico has a population of 130 million of people and a labor force of 50 million. This gives you a huge recruitment pool of professional agents, who speak proficient English (avoiding language barriers), and are culturally aligned with U.S. current events, sports and entertainment, required to offer an excellent customer service.

Call Center Infrastructure

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

Mexico has the top-tech in call center infrastructure. A key benefit of this nearshore region is the Direct ISP Land Connection between the U.S. and Mexico, this allows to maintain both business security and stability.
Our facilities have fiber optic installed to ensure high-speed internet connection and follow the call center best practices to protect data and information of the customers.

US Mexico Proximity

Proximity & Management Control

The proximity to the United States allows your call center managers to maintain control of the agents, processes, and ensures performance standards are met.
It will allow a seamless integration between your Mexico center and your U.S. operation, which is key to agent performance, a smooth implementation, better supervision of the process and continuous agent training and compliance.
CCSI has strategic locations with call centers in Tijuana & Mexico City, making it very convenient for our clients, being our very main purpose to make them feel their contact center operation is right next door.

Call Center Industry

Call Center Industry in Mexico

For over 60-years top Global Companies have been investing in Mexico. It is home to many fortune 500 companies utilizing the region for high-quality manufacturing and call center business functions.
The growth of Nearshore call center companies in the last decades have made Mexico a very competitive location, putting us in the map of the best contact center outsourcing locations you could ever find.

CCSI Nearshore Approach

Our Nearshore approach allows you to establish a satellite facility and mirror agent training, continuous development, technology, best practices and performance goals. You will maintain operational control of your agents and processes. This is different from a "Mexico outsourcing” model, where control and performance responsibilities are handed over to a service provider.


Gain a competitive advantage with the benefits of outsourcing call center services in Mexico. Contact us to learn how!


Gain a competitive advantage with the benefits of outsourcing call center services in Mexico. Contact us to learn how!