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CCSI is an experienced call center provider of lead generation solutions that allows you to establish a fully integrated Satellite Contact Center that is managed by your U.S. team as part of the overall sales strategies for handling call volumes, increasing sales volumes, and revenue, driving Key-Performance-Indicators and reducing operational costs.

Your Mexico Team will provide a seamless representation of your services, products, sales process, and company since you have full control of the operation.

Lead Generation companies and Sales organizations can maximize lead generation and identify & close sales revenue opportunities, improving the overall call center operational efficiency and lead calling service. Our agents are performance-driven, professional, bilingual (English/Spanish) and culturally aligned to U.S. Consumers.


The administrative needs for “Doing Business In Mexico” are completely handled by CCSI so your team can focus 100% on sales functions by integrating and managing your Mexico Outbound Contact Center. CCSI will successfully establish your Sales & Lead Generation Center based on your business model and requirements (agent skill sets, infrastructure, and technology) and fully administer the operation utilizing our HR, Accounting, IT, and Management Support personnel.

Take advantage of all the call center pros of nearshoring with CCSI:

  • CCSI can provide motivated Sales Agents to increase sales and qualified leads
  • We have expertise in both inbound & outbound call center services for B2C and outsourced B2B lead generation campaign call centers
  • Have your Sales Leads be contacted by real people in our Mexico contact center, with a dedicated and experienced quality assurance sales team listening and validating the calls
  • We provide affordable lead generation services with professional agents and location redundancy at globally competitive rates between $10 to $15 per hour (labor + overhead)

Lead Generation Outsourcing Processes We Specialize in:

  • Lead Management Call Center
  • Lead Qualification
  • Live "Hot" Transfer
  • Outbound Tech Support Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Outbound Call Marketing
  • B2B Cold Calling Services
  • Outbound Sales BPO Opening to Closing


Affordable call center services, bilingual workforce, and proximity to the U.S. for outbound call center companies. Hire an Outbound Call Center to take advantage of these Nearshore benefits.
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