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4 Misconceptions About Nearshore Contact Centers

Misconceptions of Nearshore Contact Centers

When it comes to Nearshore Outsourcing, there are often many speculations and rumors floating around; some might be real, and some might be just misconceptions. We invite you to take the time to learn more about the Nearshore Call Center model.


Once you start learning, you will realize that Nearshore is very different than offshore outsourcing and that it can be an excellent solution for your business… Or maybe not. But that would be something you figured out by researching and understanding your company's needs. To show you that some things you might have heard or thought about Nearshore are not true, here are four misconceptions we refute!


Misconception 1: Nearshore Outsourcing is Only for Companies Who Don’t Care About Customer Experience

Nearshoring does not equal sacrificing Customer Satisfaction. The reality is that your Customer Service will be as good as you want it to be. Nearshore offers talented, bilingual call center agents who, in many regions like Mexico, are also culturally aligned with North American consumers, which allows seamless customer service as if they were in the U.S.

We recommend looking for Nearshore Call Center Companies that allow you to get involved in the operation to implement the same culture you have in your U.S. Contact Center. For example, at CCSI, your Nearshore operation will follow your processes, you will train the trainers, and the supervisors will report to you. You know your business better than anyone else, what works best, and how to satisfy your customers.

For that reason, a Nearshore Contact Center can equal the level of Customer Satisfaction of your U.S. call center and, in some cases, even surpass it by adding the bilingual factor for your customers.


Misconception 2: Nearshore Will Reduce Your Costs, But You Will Sacrifice Performance

Some years ago, with the financial crisis, many U.S. companies started to look for solutions to reduce their costs, and Offshore Call Centers flourished. These days, many companies have been realizing that what they are saving in cost, they are losing on performance. Many think this will also happen with Nearshore call centers. But the truth is that Nearshore can help you increase your performance while reducing costs.

Nearshore has unique benefits that allow this to happen, such as adding bilingual capability to your service, increased agent capacity, having a partner with industry expertise, and an operation with a low turnover rate. Want to know more about how Nearshore helps you improve performance?



Misconception 3: With Nearshore, You Will Lose Control of the Call Center Operation

If you take the time to find the right Nearshore partner for your needs, you can keep as much control as you want. This is thanks to the geographic proximity and similar time zone Nearshore Call Centers have.

For instance, at CCSI, you are welcome to visit your center as often as you want. You receive reports and can communicate with your Nearshore team in real time, and you can implement not only your processes but also your company culture. We encourage our clients to get involved from implementation to start-up and keep a constant relationship with their Nearshore operations.

This way, you can keep control because, in the end, it's YOUR operation. It's your Nearshore contact center.



Misconception 4: Nearshoring is Taking Jobs from America

This topic can be a little complicated. We believe there are two ways of seeing it. For instance, we say to our clients that we don't want you to close your operation in the U.S.; we want to become an extension of it. It's true that if you expand your call center in the U.S., you will create those jobs in America, and if you utilize Nearshore, you will give that job opportunity in another country. Now, not all of this isn't good. Why?


First, because you will contribute to a country's economy and people, for example, in Mexico, a popular Nearshore location, we hire many U.S. deportees. These people have the skills to offer excellent call center service because of their ties with U.S. culture, and they find a second opportunity in these call center jobs when they start a new life in what is for them, a foreign country.


Second, you will save money to invest in other areas of your company and, this way, grow your business, which translates to more high and mid-level jobs. You can offer internal growth opportunities to your employees and keep hiring in the U.S. In the end, you will generate employment in the two counties.


We invite you to keep reading our blog articles to learn more about Nearshore. Or contact one of our Nearshore experts without any compromise to discuss further and see if what Nearshore provides is a good fit for your needs. Don't let others decide what is good or not for your business. Keep learning to make informed decisions and boost your business.