Corporate Advantage Program

Corporate Advantage Mexico Call Center Pricing

Setting Up A Call Center With Your Needs And Specifications


Opening a call center in Mexico with this program allows you to set up your nearshore call center with specific infrastructure requirements. You will approve and fund capital start-up and continuous expenses for the contact center.

This program is perfect for Corporations seeking to establish their own Mexico Call Center and are willing to invest in the startup costs for the operation. This will allow you to build the contact center floor to your specifications and control operational expenses for a larger cost-saving opportunity.

If instead, you're looking to expand your call center with a minimal capital expenditure within our existing corporate structure, review our Turnkey Pricing Program.

How Much Does it Cost to Set up a Call Center?

Pricing for the Corporate Advantage Program ranges between $11 to $13 per agent per hour for the entire operation. CCSI will coordinate the infrastructure build-out and the continuous administration of the contact center. All startup and continuous operational expenses (salaries, rent, utilities, etc.) will be approved by you and billed as a pass-thru expense to your Corporate office. Our Corporate Advantage Program will allow you to build out the Nearshore Contact Center to your specifications. Start-up and continuous operational expenses will be approved and billed as a pass thru expense (no markup).

The price depends on several factors, from agent salaries, benefits, rent, overhead and IT needs. CCSI will put together a cost analysis detailing the startup, call center setup investment, and continuous operational costs.

Our Call Center Management Services Are:

If you're wondering how to manage a call center efficiently, you don't have to worry! CCSI will  provide and manage all the services and business functions required to succeed with a contact center operation in Mexico. These are the services and items our Corporate Advantage Program include:

  • Accounting, corporate taxes and payroll processing
  • Agent salaries, benefits, medical insurance and taxes
  • Agent screening, hiring and termination
  • Agent Workforce Recruitment (Agents, Supervisors and Support Personnel)
  • Contact Center Workforce Management
  • Human Resource Functions
  • Training and QA Support (FDCPA certification and client specific)
  • Corporate structure and responsibility
  • Onsite CCSI management team to support your needs
  • Onsite professional IT personnel
  • Internet Bandwidth (up to 8 MB)
  • Basic Desktop Computer System
  • Cubicles, chairs, training facility and break room Facility rent, maintenance, utilities, drinking water and janitorial services
  • VOIP Softphones
  • Facility security, alarm service and video monitoring

Key advantages:

  • Reliable Call Center Services Provider: CCSI has over 14 years of experience establishing Nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico.

  • Agent control and integration with existing systems

  • Competitive Agent Hourly Rate: ranges between $11 to $13 US

  • Ease of management of your operation in Mexico: Services are provided by Call Center Services International

  • Existing infrastructure (facility, furniture, IT and administrative personnel)

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure (Working Capital & Ramp-Up)

  • No Legal Liability in Mexico

Call Center Services International in Tijuana

CCSI Torres Center
CCSI Otay Center
CCSI Bit Center

Call Center Services International in Mexico City

CCSI Reforma 99 Center
CCSI Reforma 93 Center
CCSI Reforma 39 Center

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Utilizing CCSI's nearshore approach will allow you to eliminate costly administrative personnel and unnecessary overhead.
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