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Leading collection agency with centers throughout North America.


Wakefield & Associates is a leading collection agency with centers throughout North America. Wakefield has experienced significant growth in recent years from new clients and acquisitions. In January 2016, Wakefield established a Nearshore Collection Center in Baja, Mexico, to ensure that performance growth objectives were met.

Wakefield partnered with Call Center Services International (CCSI) to establish its nearshore center. According to Corrie Braafhart, Wakefield’s Director of Collections.

Ryan Boettcher Chief operating Officer, Wakefield & Associates Inc.
CCSI has been a valuable resource in supporting Wakefield & Associates’ growth trajectory by supplying quality staffing assets who are committed partners in our success.

Wakefield chose CCSI because they have extensive collections experience and the Center’s proximity to the San Diego, California border.

Any member of our operations team could be onsite and back home within a day. - Ryan Boettcher, COO for Wakefield & Associates.

CCSI and Wakefield are active members of ACA International, which allows them to stay ahead of the ever-changing collection world about compliance, training, and best practices.

Wakefield & Associates Nearshore Team Achieves $3 Million in Collections

May 2021. Wakefield & Associates' Nearshore operation crushed their record once more, collecting $3 Million. In recognition of that, CCSI organized a celebration to acknowledge top-performing agents. Wakefield & Associates partnered with CCSI to establish a Nearshore Debt Collection operation to ensure their performance goals. The team has overpassed all expectations. In 2017 they collected $1million, in 2019 reached the $2 million mark, and this year they achieve a remarkable $3 million in collections.

Wakefield Nearshore Team Collections Goal

With a Call Center in Mexico, Wakefield found a bilingual, high-performing, motivated workforce. The proximity with the U.S. gives the call center agents a clear understanding of the American culture and day-to-day life, allowing them to empathize and negotiate with the customers.

"Last year was a tough year, but you guys came in and not only showed up but shored up. We collected better than we've ever done before, every month getting better and better and it's all thanks to your hard work and extra effort" – Luis Navarro, Operations Manager.


ccsi wakefield 1 million 400x225Due to their significant growth in recent years, Wakefield & Associates Inc., a leading collection agency with centers throughout North America, established a Nearshore Debt Collection Center in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from the San Diego border) to expand their ongoing business success.

In August, Wakefield & Associates’ Nearshore Debt Collection Team hit an important company record for the agency.

I am very excited to announce the Baja Collections Team for Wakefield & Associates exceeded One Million Dollars in gross collections during the month of August 2017” - Corrie M. Braafhart, Wakefield & Associates’ Director of Collections.

Wakefield & Associates partnered with Call Center Services International (CCSI) in 2016 to establish their nearshore collections center in Mexico, which not only provided them with bilingual capability but a workforce that understands the U.S. consumer.

Ms. Braafhart congratulated the Mexican team for this achievement and a job well done:

This accomplishment speaks to the hard work, continued growth, and dedication of our Baja Collectors and Management Team. Congratulations!

Both Wakefield & Associates and CCSI are active members of ACA International, which allows them to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of debt collection in terms of compliance, training, and best practices.


ccsi wakefield 2 million 848x477

Wakefield & Associates, a leader in the Receivables Management Industry, celebrates continued success with their nearshore Mexico Team by hitting a new collection goal of $2.1 Million in March, crushing last year’s $1.2 million record. In recognition of this achievement, a lunch celebration was held to Thank the Team.

Wakefield established a Mexico Collection Center in 2016 to increase agent capacity and ensure performance goals were met. Wakefield chose Call Center Services International (CCSI) to assist them with the Mexico expansion.

We started with 10 agents; today, we are here with 90 agents. I’ve seen guys grow and develop, we are so proud of each one of you and so glad that you are a part of our organization.” - Michaela Strand, Operations Manager for Wakefield & Associates.

Wakefield started an operations center in Tijuana to further diversify our employee base and to leverage the talent that is available in Mexico. Congratulations on your first $2,000,000 month. Thank you for your commitment to Wakefield and for all you do!” - Chris Adams, Director of Collections

Wakefield’s success is driven by a dedicated Mexico Agents Team, who are bilingual, bicultural, and determined to help the debtor resolve their outstanding balance in a friendly, professional manner. Wakefield's nearshore approach ensures their Mexico Agents are aligned 100% with the U.S Operation from technology, training, coaching, compliance, and performance achievement standpoint.

Wakefield & Associates, Inc. is a full-service, nationally licensed accounts receivable firm that has enjoyed steady growth each year. They currently service over 3,500 clients with a balanced mix between healthcare, property management, finance, and government services.

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