Loan/Lease Servicing


NEARSHORE Loan Servicing Center

An experienced Loan Servicing Center in Mexico will help your company exceed Customer Call expectations, strengthen Service operations, and reduce your operational costs while ensuring operational and service-level goals.

Call Center Services International (CCSI) has years of experience establishing contact centers for loan servicing companies. CCSI provides a World-Class Bilingual Workforce from State-Of-The-Art strategic locations within Mexico and Work-From-Home programs within North America.

Our specialized loan servicing customer service operations follow the State and Federal Regulatory Standards and comply with SOC, PCI and HIPAA certifications. Our inbound & outbound solutions allow you to fully integrate your existing call center with your Mexico center, becoming a seamless extension of your existing Loan Servicing operation.


Nearshore Benefits of Financial Services Call Center Services:

  • 50% Reduction in Operational Costs vs U.S.
  • Largest Bilingual (English/Spanish) Workforce in Latin America
  • Bicultural Experienced Workforce Capable of Handling Banking & Financial Calls
  • Proximity and Time-Zone Alignment
  • Seamless Extension of Your Loan Servicing Operation
  • U.S. Management Control and Compliance Standard
  • State of the Art Infrastructure via Land Connections

Our Contact Center Agents Have Expertise in:

  • Loan Management Full Cycle: Loan Application Processing, Servicing & Delinquency
  • Auto Loan/Lease Full Cycle: Loan Processing, Ancillary Upsell, Dealer Support, Delinquency
  • Redeem/Repossess
  • Mortgage Servicing: Document Processing, Servicing & Default Repayment/Collections
  • Inbound/Outbound Customer Service Channels
  • 1st Party Collection Processes
  • 3rd Party Collections Functions

The Experts in Establishing Call Centers for the Financial Industry

Expand your loan servicing capacity quick and easily with our existing state-of-the-art infrastructure or build a call center from the floor up!
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