Establish a Baja Center without legal exposure in Mexico

Turnkey Call Center Program Call Center Outsourcing Pricing

Establish a Nearshore Center Without Legal Exposure in Mexico


This program will allow you to establish high-performance Contact Center Solutions without legal exposure and minimal capital expenditure in Mexico. You will have complete control of procedures, protocols, training, and management functions of your core business for the day-to-day operation.

The CCSI management team will administer the operation within our existing corporate structure and utilize our administrative personnel. CCSI is responsible financially and legally for your Mexican call centers and their regulations, employees, and taxes.

The contact center pricing for the Turnkey Program ranges between $14 to $16 US Dollars per agent per hour, globally competitive as offshore call center pricing. The call center services pricing depends on the number of agents and the length of the agreement. Our Turnkey Support Program will allow you to establish a Contact Center in Mexico without legal exposure and minimal capital expenditure. CCSI will administer your Call Center in Mexico within our existing facility and corporate structure.

Turnkey Contact Center Services Include:

  • Accounting, corporate taxes and payroll processing

  • Contact Center Agent salaries, benefits, medical insurance and taxes

  • Agent screening, hiring and termination

  • Agent Workforce Recruitment (Agents, Supervisors and Support Personnel)

  • Basic Desktop Computer System

  • Corporate structure and responsibility

  • Cubicles, chairs, training facility and break room Facility rent, maintenance, utilities, drinking water and janitorial services

  • Facility security, alarm service and video monitoring

  • Human Resource functions

  • Internet Bandwidth (up to 8 meg)

  • Onsite CCSI management team to support your needs

  • Onsite IT personnel and basic internet infrastructure

  • Training and QA Support (FDCPA certification and client specific)

  • VOIP SoftPhones

Key Advantages:

  • Agent control and integration with existing systems for customer experience 

  • Mexico offers cultural competence of agents and personnel for customer satisfaction

  • All-inclusive Hourly Cost Per Seat Call Center Rate: ranges between $14 to $16 US

  • Doing business practices in Nearshore locations are handled by CCSI

  • Existing infrastructure (facility, furniture, IT and administrative personnel)

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure (Working Capital & Ramp-Up)

  • Turnkey Legal Support: No Legal Liability in Mexico


Utilizing CCSI's outbound & inbound call center services price, you will eliminate costly administrative personnel and unnecessary overhead expenses.
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