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6 Reasons Why American Contact Centers Choose To Nearshore In Mexico

6 Reasons Why American Contact Centers Choose To Nearshore In Mexico

You might already know that Nearshore by itself brings great advantages for U.S. businesses: proximity, cost reduction, and quality. But now, we need to know what the best nearshore location is.

Many American contact center companies are choosing Mexico, the third largest supplier of information technology services, after India and the Philippines. There are many advantages, like its English-speaking population, economy, proximity, infrastructure, and more. Here are some of the reasons why American companies choose Mexico that will help you see if you can also benefit from establishing a nearshore contact center.

Largest English-Speaking Population in Latin America
Doing business in a country that speaks a different language can be complicated: finding a team, negotiating with vendors, asking for directions, or recommendations. But in Mexico, you will find many people that speak English. These days in Mexico, children have English classes since elementary school, American culture has a big influence in the country, and it’s common to see people watching American TV, listening and singing American songs, and in some universities, an English-proficiency test is prerequisite for graduation. Also, taking into consideration that it has over one hundred million habitants, Mexico has a large English-speaking recruitment pool.

Mexico Has a Stable Economy
Thanks to the Free Trade Agreements, the stability of banks, and economic diversity, Mexico has a stable economy with potential to keep growing in the following years. Manufacturing is an important element of its economy and many of these manufacturing companies serve U.S. business. Nowadays, the Contact Center Industry is growing mostly in border cities. By nearshoring to Mexico, the country becomes stronger and your business too.

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Proximity is what makes Nearshore so special and Mexico is one of the nearest countries to the U.S. Traveling to Mexico can either be a 10-minute drive from San Diego or a 3-hour direct flight to Mexico City from major U.S. airports. The biggest advantages about this is that you will not have to take long, costly, and uncomfortable trips to be at your nearshore center and that you have the same or very similar time zones that will result in much better communication and better control of your operation.

Good Relationship
For years, Mexico and the United States have had good commercial relationships. Mexico is the United States’ third-largest trading partner (after Canada and China) and together with Canada make the biggest economic block in the world with NAFTA, that exists since 1994. But the relationship between the countries is not strictly about diplomatic relations, it encompasses extensive commercial, cultural, and educational ties. It is common to celebrate Halloween in Mexico, just as it is common for U.S. stores to have a 5 de Mayo sale.

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Mexico is a developed country. Contrary to what many people think, Mexico has big state-of-the-art buildings, large concrete streets that connect to major cities, and globally competitive networks. The government is investing large amounts of money on infrastructure, improving transportation, and telecommunications to make them more stable and faster. Important cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Tijuana are as developed as any other important U.S. city like San Diego or Houston. You can be sure that in Mexico you will get the technology and infrastructure you need for your call center.

Lower Cost of Living
Living in Mexico is cheaper than in the U.S. This means that many products and services are cheaper than in the U.S. by almost 50%. For this reason, labor is cheaper too. With a smaller salary, people can have a decent life in Mexico. This is a big opportunity for U.S. business because they can have the same quality than in the U.S. but at a lower cost in terms of labor, products, and rent. Nearshoring in Mexico can help you reduce some cost, so you can invest in other areas of your company.

Does Mexico sound like a good alternative for your contact center?

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