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call center needs and the benefits
Call Center On-Site Visit

What to Evaluate in a Call Center On-Site Visit & Its Importance

There are several steps that decision-makers need to follow when selecting a cost-effective call center outsourcing provider for their business.

Offshore vs. Nearshore

Offshore Vs. Nearshore: Which Call Center Solution is Best for You? + Infographic

Outsourcing your call center will give you access to excellent advantages that will allow you to keep growing your business. Still, it is true that with these benefits, there are also some risks to consider.

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Essential Elements Of An Outsourcing Contact Center RFP

A Request For Proposal (RFP) is an excellent and helpful tool that can be useful in the process of selecting an outsourcing call center outsourcing provider for your business. It is essential to choose the right partner and see if they meet your requirements. 

Reduce Call Center Attrition

Best Practices To Reduce Your Call Center Attrition

In our latest article: Call Center Attrition: Main Reasons That Can Cause It, we talked about the top causes of attrition that a call center can go through and how it is essential first to understand why it is happening and, eventually, how to actively deal with it.

6 Aspects to Consider Before Hiring a Call Center Service

6 Aspects to Consider Before Hiring a Call Center Service + Checklist

Selecting an outsourcing call center services provider is not an easy task. You need to avoid selecting your outsourcing partner entirely based on the cost because your call center should not be seen as a cost center but a value center. Every time you talk with a customer is an opportunity to improve your business.

ACA 2022

Meet us at ACA International Convention & Expo 2022

Looking to add collection capability to increase your recoveries? Then, this event will blow up your mind! We will be speaking and exhibiting at the ACA International Convention & Expo at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando Florida, July 20th-22nd, 2022. Find us at Booth #207!

InHouse or Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore vs In-House Call Center Expansion: What is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to expanding your call center operation, you have several alternatives, from growing your current operation or opening a new center to utilizing a BPO, or outsourcing call center services.

Reasons of Attrition

Call Center Attrition: Main Reasons That Can Cause It

While average call center attrition rates vary from 30 to 45%, several companies see their statistics as high as 90%. As a call center manager, you must be conscious of attrition in your business strategy and develop ways to keep top call center agents.