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call center needs and the benefits
Mexico Work-From-Home Agents

Benefits of a Mexico Work-From-Home Call Center

Since the last two years, companies have continued to struggle getting their call center operation transitioned to a work from home environment, and having the right tools to be able to manage is key. We knew the transition to a WFH setting was needed, but we didn't expect to be forced to do it from one day to another.

BPO Information Security Practices

The Importance of BPOs Information Security Practices

The threat of cybercrime is an actual problem, and it can compromise the BPO’s info security if the right measures aren't taken. Cybersecurity is a crucial part of any business, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive information and customer data.

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Fintech Nexus 2023

CCSI Will Be Exhibiting At Fintech Nexus USA 2023

The time has come! Discover how a Nearshore Contact Center can improve financial companies' loan servicing operations with bilingual agents while reducing cost at the same time! Where? At the leading event in Financial Services Innovation, Fintech Nexus, May 10-11, at the Javits Center in New York City.

Essential Company Elements to Teach your Nearshore Team

Essential Company Elements You Need To Teach Your Nearshore Team

When starting with a new team, no matter if it’s in-house or outsourced, training plays an important role. Some things are easier to learn in-house, or sometimes we give a different training to outsourced teams and forget to teach them essential elements.

Nearshore Proximity

The Real Value Of Nearshore Proximity For Contact Centers

Imagine having to wait until the next day for an answer to an urgent matter, traveling for 16 hours to get to a place or having to trust an important task to someone you barely know. When it comes to outsourcing, nearshore proximity really matters.

Call Center Attrition Cost

Why Attrition In The Call Center Costs More Than You Think

Contact centers are well known for having a high turnover rate. That represents a high attrition cost. But while attrition is most of the time underestimated, the cost of an agent leaving the call center, is much higher that most companies think.

Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Having a successful call center outsourcing partnership is like cooking a good meal. You must find good quality ingredients, put them in at the precise moment, mix them, let them cook, and then, you can enjoy a great meal.