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CCSI at LendIt Fintech 2021

Connect with CCSI at LendIt Fintech USA 2021 Virtual Conference

Join CCSI at LendIt Fintech USA 2021 Virtual Conference, April 27-29th.

Learn how a Nearshore Contact Center can help you expand your loan serving operation and reduce your costs.


Brick & Mortar vs Work From Home

What is Best for your Business? Brick and Mortar vs. WFH

The Work From Home era arrived earlier than expected. Even though, in the call center industry, remote agents were already a thing, for many businesses it was something to consider in the future. Now we see that most contact centers are thinking to stay in this model partially or entirely. Still, this decision needs to be analyzed in depth to choose the best model for your company.

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CCSI Lendit Fintech Latam 2020

Discover the Nearshore Mexico Advantage at Lendit Fintech LatAm 2020

Join us at Lendit Fintech LatAm Virtual Conference, December 8th to 9th, and discover the Mexico Nearshore Advantage.


Please stop by our digital booth to learn how Fintech companies have improved their loan servicing and grown their receivables recovery with a Contact Center in Mexico.


CCSI Sponsor Auto Finance Summit 2020

CCSI Is Sponsoring Auto Finance Summit 2020 Virtual Experience

Call Center Services International (CCSI) is a proud sponsor of Auto Finance Summit 2020 Virtual Experience, October 20th-22nd. Find our booth to learn about the Nearshore Mexico Advantages that allow auto Finance Companies to improve their customer experience with a cost-effective nearshore call center.

Reopening Your Contact Center

Reopening to a Healthy Work Environment in Your Contact Center

To ensure a healthy work environment for their contact center, employers should not take for granted the reopening strategy of their on-site operation. There are several things to consider to protect your agents, from administrative measures and engineering controls without forgetting the psychological factors. If you moved your agents back already, we invite you to continue reading and see if you need to do adjudgments o add some things to your strategy.


WFH Agent Productivity

Quick Guide to Keep your Work-From-Home Agents Productive

Keeping the productivity level the same between your on-site team versus your work-from-home team can be challenging. The need of real-time supervision, the abundance of distractions at home, and being socially isolated can affect the performance of an agent.

Below we have essential elements you should consider for a remote call center operation; your agents should have the right tools in place, with appropriate supervision level and secure communication systems.

Here are some tips on what you can do for each of these elements:

Work-From-Home Call Center in Mexico Benefits

Benefits of a Mexico Work-From-Home Call Center

In the past months, Companies have continued to struggle to get their call center operation to be transitioned to a work from home environment, having the right tools to be able to manage is key. We knew the transition to a work from home setting was needed, but we did not expect to be forced to do this transition from one day to another.

CCSI Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures

CCSI Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures

Due to the international alert the World Health Organization (WHO) gave regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have decided to implement some preventive measures for the safety of our team and their families.