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call center needs and the benefits
InHouse or Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore vs. In-House Call Center Expansion: What is Best for Your Business? + Infographic

When it comes to expanding your call center operation, you have several alternatives, from growing your current operation or opening a new center to utilizing a BPO, or outsourcing call center services.

Reasons of Attrition

Call Center Attrition: Main Reasons That Can Cause It

While average call center attrition rates vary from 30 to 45%, several companies see their statistics as high as 90%. As a call center manager, you must be conscious of attrition in your business strategy and develop ways to keep top call center agents.

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WFM Best Practices

Top Workforce Management Best Practices to Implement in Your Call Center

For call center executives, what does efficiency imply? It might include lowering the number of customer escalations or improving key performance indicators like Average Handle Time or First Call Resolution.

LendIt 2022

CCSI Will Be Attending LendIt Fintech 2022

This is your chance to discover how a Nearshore Contact Center can improve financial companies' loan servicing operations with bilingual agents while reducing cost at the same time! Where? At the leading event in Financial Services Innovation, LendIt Fintech, happening on May 25-26, 2022.

workforce management

What’s Expected for Call Center Workforce Management this Year?

Customers should be the center of attention for all contact centers, but agents are the driving force behind the scenes who guarantee that these customers have a timely, empathetic, and efficient experience. 

Agent Engagement

Agent Engagement: A Must-Have in the Contact Center Industry

Customer satisfaction has always required high levels of agent engagement; it’s the most important ingredient. Efficiency, production, and customer happiness are nearly certain to suffer without it.

Welcome 2022

Contact Center Industry: Let's Welcome 2022

Certainly, 2020 was thought of as the year with great opportunities for the Contact Center Industry, and it sure was, but we never imagined that 2021 would come with bigger changes.

CCSI Makes Donation

CCSI Changing Lives in Action

Call Center Services International shared Christmas presents and made a donation to Niños Del Camino, an orphanage for boys & girls in Tijuana, Mexico.