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How to Build Successful Call Center Teamwork

How to Build Successful Call Center Teamwork
Teamwork in a call center is fundamental because each agent is considered a part of something bigger. Meaning that if one team member performs duties incorrectly, the whole call center team will be affected as a result.
In a call center, which can be a fast-paced work environment, everyone is accountable for one another and all contact center managers need to have well-developed team building skills. It takes an experienced manager and dedicated employees to develop a productive teamwork environment in a call center.

The following are essential suggestions to establish effective teamwork in a call center:
Hire Managers with Team Building Skills

A strong leader creates a good team. That is why a call center manager needs to have decision making skills to keep the team working efficiently. A manager needs to be very organized to address customer issues while making sure that employee issues are also dealt with. Needs to maintain cohesiveness with the team by making sure that each agent knows their job, keeping the team immediately updated on any changes. Also, needs to be able to facilitate good working relationships in the team by creating strong bonds between agents.

Have Efficient Team Meetings

Communication is key when building teamwork. When possible, have each of the call center managers bring their teams together to discuss customer issues, find potential solutions to common problems and support each other in daily tasks.

Develop a Structure of Capable Assistants

Delegate responsibility to capable call center agents that have proven they can handle coaching so they can assist others when issues come up. This will help call center managers maintain an effective team. However, keep the door open for volunteer assistants.

Reward Assistants (Assigned and Volunteer)

Carry out ways to reward those agents who volunteer or are assigned to assist or help others to achieve their goals. Teamwork will result when members of the call center operation understand that everyone is accountable for one another. When leaders reward those who are helping the team improve productivity and client service, others will follow their example.

Reward Team Goals in Front of Individual Goals

When call center agents are mostly rewarded based on individual efficiency, we are going to see little actual teamwork. This is because each agent will think about their private workload and their priorities, and will pay no consideration to others. A work culture that rewards teamwork over individual goals is essential for effective team building in a call center.

Treat Team Members with Esteem

Ignoring or dismissing advice from group members kills teamwork and weakens employee confidence. When managing a call center team, it is necessary to listen cautiously to agent feedback, give encouragement, and publicly recognize every task and work attempt. This display of respect will build individuals up and necessary for building teamwork.

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