Advantage Of An On-Site Contact Center Visit & 4 Aspects To Evaluate

Advantage Of An On-Site Contact Center Visit & 4 Aspects To Evaluate

There are several steps to consider when choosing an outsourcing contact center company. You need to do some research, call the company, review the brochure, get a proposal, send an RFP.

All those things can give you an idea of the type of contact center you are dealing with and the service they offer. But nothing will give you a better actual impression than an onsite visit to their contact center.

Site visits can cost you time and money, but you are going to make a future investment and you are going to trust your clients and information to that company. Are they going to be able to offer a good customer experience? Who are the people that will talk with your customers? Are they feeling happy and willing to help? Is there something the salesperson is not showing you? You can only discover those things first-hand. But you need to go prepared for that visit to get the more out of it. What will you review, what questions are you going to ask, and to who? Make that on-site visit valuable.

Here are 4 things you need to evaluate from your contact center on-site visit:

Transparency Would I trust them?
If you do an on-site visit, it’s with the purpose to know the complete shop, listen to agents, see the building and infrastructure, not to just hear another sales pitch. How much does the company let you see? Do they let you speak to the agents? Do they introduce you to the management team and the admin staff? Or are they only showing you a part of the contact center? If you ask for a special request, how flexible they are? Remember, you need to trust the company, and if they are not transparent, how would you trust them?


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Work Atmosphere Would I feel happy working with this team?
If they let you talk to the agents, take advantage of this opportunity and ask them some questions about the work environment. Why did they choose that contact center? What are their challenges in the work? What is it they like the most about their job? How long have they worked there? Do they have a clear career path? Take the time to observe the interaction between agents and between managers? Do you perceive happiness, friendliness, fun, or tension, stress and disagreement?


Work Environment Would I work at this place?
See the building, the lighting, the colors, the break areas. How old is the building? Is it in good condition? Is the contact center clean? Do they have AC at the operations areas and offices? Your team needs to feel comfortable to do a great job and offer great customer service. Maybe the price for that outsourced call center is cheaper, but is it worth it?


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Management Experience Would I hire them?

Make some time too to speak with the managers. You could see their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, but you can also have a short interview with them to get a feel for their experience, their vision, their leadership approach. They are the people that are going to manage your team.


At Call Center Services International, we invite you to come visit our facilities. We know it’s very important for you to listen to the agents live in action and see the facilities and work environment first-hand. We make it very convenient for you: we pick you up at the airport or hotel, we give you a tour and presentation, and drive you back. Contact us to make an appointment for a tour & presentation today!

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