Essential Elements Of Your Outsourcing Contact Center RFP

Essential Elements Of Your Outsourcing Contact Center RFP

Writing an RFP can be tedious and complicated. An easy thing to do might be to download an RFP template, but you need to keep in mind what sections and elements the RFP must include, considering every aspect of your business that would be involved in your new call center partnership.

 Request For Proposal (RFP) is an excellent and helpful tool to help you make a wise and informed decision about your contact center outsourcing providers. Since you will be trusting them with your customers and becoming an extension of your company, you need to make sure it fits your culture, requirements, technology, compliance and security, and other essential elements that can determine the relationship's success. Here are six crucial sections of a call center RFP you should not forget when preparing one.


Company Profile

First, you need to learn about the company you will work with to know if they align with yours and what you are looking for. Here you can add questions about their history, mission, vision, values, or facts (such as the number of employees or years of experience), their structure, culture, and so on. All this information allows you to know if it's a trusted company, if they have the experience your project needs, if their culture can fit yours, and you can visualize what it would be like to work with them.


Agent Hiring, Training & Engagement

As we always say, agents of contact center outsourcing companies are their biggest asset. Therefore, it is essential to know if they hire the right people, offer training and development for them to grow, and if the agents are engaged and happy in the company. We already know the importance of these three elements. Ask them about their hiring process, how they test agent skills, ask if they have ongoing development training, and how they incentivize or motivate their team. In the end, their agents will be your agents too.


Performance, Reporting & QA

Numbers are always significant for companies. If you are hiring a call center outsourcing service, it's because you want to improve your numbers. Either looking for expertise or cost reduction, knowing if the contact center is reaching its goals it's crucial. Would you be able to measure your KPIs with the reports they offer? Can you ask for a special report? Would you be able to measure metrics in real-time? What do they measure internally to help your company? And don't forget about Quality Assurance: are calls monitored and recorded?



Does the contact center outsourcing provider have the technology to provide the service you need? Are your systems compatible? This information will help you know how smooth the implementation can be. Ask about the telephony platform, its integration capabilities with your CRM or CTI, about internet service provider carriers, computers, monitoring systems, and any other technology your operation might need.


Compliance & Security

With technology comes compliance and security. Knowing about their certifications, procedures, and policies will allow you to understand how compliant their operation is with what your operation requires. This RFP section is also the opportunity to know if they can implement new practices to be compliant. You can ask about their information security; if they have a paperless policy, implement certifications or security standards such as PCI or HIPAA. Ask about internet access and uses of email, disaster recovery, and system redundancy. But not everything is about technology, also ask about legal resources and physical access and security.



Let's say that your operation is running, and suddenly you get an extra charge for something you didn't consider, and now it's more complicated to negotiate. It is essential to know about their pricing structure, understand what is covered. Ask about situations that might happen to see how that would be managed, such as investing in new technology or asking for an extra service. Also, know what advantages they might have for you, such as volume discounts and what performance guarantees are included.


Don't forget to include these elements in your RFP and ask the right questions. But also, don't forget that an RFP needs to address your actual needs. Avoid asking things that would not add knowledge to make your decision and make specific questions that involve your processes to make the proper selection for your contact center.


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