IT Support



Call Center Services International's core business is to help you establish a high performance and cost-effective Nearshore Center in Mexico. We provide World-Class IT Outsourcing Services from our Nearshore Centers in Tijuana (minutes from San Diego, California) and Mexico City.

Our IT Support Engineers will work closely with you to come up with a tailored solution and build a talented team that brings together the resources and range of knowledge to address several key issues or problems.

By partnering with CCSI, your Mexico IT Support Team becomes a seamless extension of your managed IT Support Department and is fully integrated within your current technology IT support and management platforms. Compared to traditional IT staffing agencies, this nearshore IT staffing services approach gives you control over staff, systems, and workloads across your entire IT Support process, ensuring a great customer experience.


IT Help Desk Services Include:

  • Call, live chat, email and portal ticket creation and follow-up
  • Ideal for IT departments with a high-Tech Support requests volume
  • We work with your platform or CCSI can provide it

IT Contact Center

  • Inbound Multichannel Tech Support

  • Outbound Tech Support Call Generation

  • Training design based on your product

  • Customer and Business IT Support

Remote Infrastructure Management

  • Remote management of Firewalls, Servers, Switches, Virtual Machines, among other devices.
  • Ideal for NON-TECH big companies.

Nearshore Mexico IT Center Advantages:

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Increased Cultural Affinity

  • Technical Skills In Sought-After Areas

  • Excellent English Language Skills

  • Labor Cost Saving

  • Short Travel Distance Same Time Zone

  • Mexico the most important nearshore technology provider to the U.S.

You Decide How to Establish Your Nearshore Contact Center

Expand capacity quick and easy with our existing state-of-the-art infrastructure or build a call center from the floor up!
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