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Call Center Attrition Cost

Why Attrition In The Call Center Costs More Than You Think

Contact centers are well known for having a high turnover rate. That represents a high attrition cost. But while attrition is most of the time underestimated, the cost of an agent leaving the call center, is much higher that most companies think.

Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Having a successful call center outsourcing partnership is like cooking a good meal. You must find good quality ingredients, put them in at the precise moment, mix them, let them cook, and then, you can enjoy a great meal.

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Join Us At The RMA International Annual Conference 2023

Join us at the RMA International Annual Conference 2023, this February 6-9 at Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. If you are in the receivables management industry, this is the premier event for you and your team to launch into the new year.

MBA 2023

CCSI Exhibiting At The MBA's Servicing Solutions Expo 2023

We are excited to announce that Call Center Services International will be exhibiting at the MBA's Servicing Solutions Conference & Expo 2023 at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, FL, on February 21-24, 2023.

New Year Resolution Ideas For Your Call Center

New Year Resolution Ideas For Your Call Center

The start of a new year is a great opportunity to pause for a moment and think what we want to change, do better, and start doing. This is when we make some spirited resolutions for the following months.

Signs to Stop Offshoring & Start Nearshoring

Offshore vs. Nearshore: Signs to Stop Offshoring & Start Nearshoring

If you have an offshore call center operation, but you feel something is not working as you expected, you should consider that having issues in performance, customer satisfaction, cost, communication, and synchronization could be signs that it's time to change your call center outsourcing strategy and a Nearshore call center solution can be this solution to your current call center problems. Let's take a closer look.

Santa's Customer Service

Why Santa has a Great Customer Service

It’s Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year, and every kid is hoping with excitement to get a Christmas present from Santa Claus. And while there are many things we can learn from this man, there is one kindly but also very clever thing we should all learn from him. 

Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving Season: The Best Time To Thank Your Call Center Team

November is here, and the Thanksgiving season has come. The perfect time to thank all your hard-working agents starts now.