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SCS specializes in recovering funds for hospitals, medical billing companies, and many other medical providers.

Synerprise Nearshore Team Surpasses Medical Collections Goal

Back in November 2017, Synerprise Consulting Services, a Texas-based debt collection agency that works exclusively for healthcare providers, established a Nearshore Contact Center in Baja California, Mexico, with 10 agents to meet the requirements of new projects and internal growth, with the help of their partners, Call Center Services International. Now, less than a year from their campaign kickoff at CCSI, the Baja Team is surpassing their goals with 20 agents.

Richard McCoy III Synerprise, Site Manager
Nearshore Team will grow to 50 agents starting next year

In August of this year, Synerprise’s Nearshore Team surpassed the collection's goal by 26%. Synerprise Site Manager, Richard McCoy, congratulated the team:

Congratulations on the success that you all have had. The growth that this operation has experienced in a short time speaks to the dedication, professionalism, and hard work that you have shown. Thank you for being valued members of the team! - Richard McCoy III Synerprise, Site Manager.

Synerprise is projecting that their Nearshore Team will grow to 50 agents starting next year. The partnership with CCSI, a contact center services provider with more than 10 years of debt collection experience and expertise in recruiting talented bilingual and bicultural agents in Mexico, as well as the involvement of the Synerprise team in the day-to-day operations of their Baja Center, is what has made this a successful venture.

They are doing a great job and getting better as a crew… Definitely happy with the year one progress of the South location team. - Richard McCoy III Synerprise, Site Manager.

Synerprise Reaches a 2nd Year Anniversary for its Mexico Operation

November 2019, Synerprise Consulting Services (SCS), a healthcare debt collection agency, celebrates the 2nd anniversary of its Nearshore operation in Mexico.

The bilingual and bicultural agents in Mexico have been accomplishing and surpassing their goals, just last month, the team doubled their record mark, with $500,000 USD in collections. This was achieved with minimal to no compliance miscues over the 2 years of operation. The team has one of the lowest turnover rates, which allows consistency, effectiveness, and team stability. The Synersprise Team is formed by a variety of cultures and traditional beliefs but with a strong U.S. cultural alignment that has enabled the team to focus on constantly improving their exemplary customer service.

Synerprise Consulting Services Nearshore Team

“We are looking forward to continued success with CCSI in this following year.” -Richard McCoy, Synerprise’s President

SCS nearshore operation is supported by the CCSI administrative personnel that has over 10 years of experience in the collections industry and is able to provide world-class talent and great performance results to its partners. The word that can better describe the reason for the success of this partnership is trust.

SCS specializes in recovering funds for hospitals, medical billing companies, Doctors and many other medical providers to help them recover unpaid billings from patients. SCS helps patients find ways to fulfill their obligations while providing the patients multiple channels to repay the indebtedness.

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