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How To Reduce Call Center Agent Absences During The Holidays

How To Reduce Call Center Agent Absences During The Holidays

It is hard to imagine that someone would not love the holiday season, but for many companies and call centers, it is a hectic season. The holiday season, while loved by many, can be a challenging time for companies and call centers.

It's not uncommon for employees to feel overwhelmed and take time off to be with their loved ones. Unfortunately, this can lead to chaos for call center managers, who may not enjoy the season as much as others.


Strategies for Holiday Attendance

We want to ensure that you and your agents have a joyful holiday season, enjoy your work, and remain highly productive throughout the year-end or any other holiday period. To help you combat holiday call center absenteeism, here are some valuable tips to consider.


Show Appreciation to your Agents

As we have mentioned in previous articles, Motivating call center agents is crucial for their productivity, and motivation is linked to appreciation because, with it, they know their efforts count. During the holiday season, there are several ways you can express gratitude towards your call center team.

One effective method is by distributing Christmas cards with personalized thank you messages written by you. Organizing a festive Christmas party allows them to unwind and connect with their colleagues, fostering a positive work environment. Additionally, presenting them with personalized gifts shows your appreciation on an individual level. 

As the year comes to a close, it's also an opportune time to recognize outstanding performance by awarding the top call center agents. When an agent is motivated and feels appreciated, they are more likely to show up to work this season.



Pamper Your Call Center Team

Who doesn't enjoy being pampered? Team members will gladly come to work each day for a company that takes care of them.

During stressful times, you can consider hiring a massage therapist to provide team members with complimentary massages once a week. You can also bring a yoga or meditation instructor who could teach them some simple exercises to relax at work.

Free food is always welcome, buy them some pizzas or food that they like and can be done simply as an act of kindness. There's no need for a specific occasion to treat your team members to free food; it's what makes it extra special. 

You can also give special treatment to the agents who don’t miss work or who volunteer to work on holidays. They deserve it.


Make It Fun!

Once again, make them want to go to work. How? By making it fun! Embrace the Christmas spirit and encourage your agents to bring decorations to the office. You can even organize friendly contests within campaigns, departments, or cubicles. Ever considered hosting an ugly sweater contest?

Additionally, consider arranging small events within the office, such as a cozy pajama day for those chilly winter mornings or a gift exchange. If possible, play some uplifting music or display engaging videos on screens to create a more relaxed working environment.

By cultivating excitement and anticipation throughout the year for this particular season, you'll have them excited to come to work during these days.



Set Clear Goals & Create Excitement

It's essential to remind them of their purpose and the goals they need to achieve. Ensure that all goals for the end of the year are clearly communicated, and if regular job activities are not challenging enough, set ambitious targets for the season. The key is to ensure that everyone on the team understands and is involved in these goals. 

To further encourage engagement, consider organizing friendly competitions within the team. You can offer special incentives such as gifts or rewards to agents who generate more leads or the top collector, depending on your call center metrics.

By effectively managing staffing during holidays and implementing strategies for holiday employee engagement, you can create a motivated and productive workforce.


Let Your Agents Have Some Time Off

You may be wondering, "Why should I give my agents time off when I want them to stay at work during this season?"

Well, by providing your agents with schedule flexibility and granting them permission to take the day off when their children are sick or participating in a school festival, or allowing them to leave early during periods of low workload, you can ensure that they will be present when you truly need them.

Agents often miss work due to stress, a desire to spend time with their families, or when they have personal tasks. By offering your agents the opportunity for occasional time off, you can reduce call center absenteeism. This allows your agents to recharge and reduces the likelihood of burnout.

Furthermore, it demonstrates that you value their well-being and understand the importance of work-life balance. Ultimately, this approach will result in increased productivity and a more motivated workforce.

So, analyze your metrics, goals, and workflow for the season to forecast your workforce needs and work on a more flexible schedule. This way, you can assign your agents goals and let them go home earlier as a reward.

If you let them have some time off, they will appreciate it and be more motivated when they come back.


Now, you are equipped with some strategies to motivate your agents to stay at work during the holidays and close the year with great performance.


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