Baja California is known to have one of the best educational programs in the country.

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Call Centers in Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. has afforded its citizens strong English language skills and cultural alignment that few competing locations can offer. With solid trade, finance, and business policies in place, Mexico's progress is steady. A wide range of U.S. businesses have turned their attention towards Mexico for low-cost nearshore contact center solutions to serve the North American market.

Mexico is one of the top call center countries having the largest English-speaking recruitment pool in Latin America, and has State-Of-The-Art infrastructure with fast communication channels that can be easily connected to U.S. carriers. Mexico represents an opportunity to reduce cost by allowing you to increase performance and invest in overall improvements for your company. By establishing a Nearshore Call Center in Mexico, your company can reduce costs by up to 50%.

Strategically Located Call Centers

Call Center Services International has strategically located call center in Tijuana and Mexico City. Here are some key insights about these two regions to help you understand why these are the best locations for a call center operation and make an informed decision of your call center site selection.

Baja California Region

Call Centers in Tijuana Advantages

Tijuana is in the State of Baja California, Mexico, which has over 3 million people and has 50,000 Call Center Seats, with 60% servicing North American clients through multiple channels, offering the best customer service.

  • World-Class facilities and technology infrastructure
  • Cultural alignment with North America
  • Bilingual and performance-driven workforce
  • Reduced labor & operational costs (50% less than the U.S.) 
  • Proximity to the U.S. border, adjacent to San Diego, California
  • Timezone alignment with U.S. based Call Centers
Mexico Metropolitan Area

Call Centers in Mexico City Advantages

Mexico City and surrounding municipalities make it the second-largest metropolitan area in the world, with a population of 23+ million people. It’s one of the most important financial sectors of the world and has a rich and diverse culture; millions of international tourists visit the city every year.

  • Low-Cost wages for Call Center Agents, Software engineers, and IT professionals
  • Large labor market that speaks North American English/Spanish and possesses excellent technical skills 
  • Real-time cultural and timezone alignment with U.S. markets
  • World-Class real estate facilities and technology infrastructure
  • Direct Flights from the U.S. and nearby countries (1 to 4 hour travel time)
Guadalajara Call Center

Guadalajara Call Center Advantages

Guadalajara offers a compelling blend of economic strength, a young workforce with a low turnover rate, and excellent connectivity, making it a prime destination for Nearshore Outsourcing and establishing Call Centers in Mexico.

  • Labor & Overhead Cost Savings of up to 50%
  • Large Pool of Bilingual Call Center Agent Workforce
  • Connectivity via Direct Flights with over 20 Cities in the U.S.
  • Time zone Aligned with Prominent U.S. Cities (CST)
  • World-Class Technology Infrastructure

Tijuana Region Stats

  • State with the most aerospace companies in Mexico
  • State with the most export, manufacturing, and shelter services establishments
  • Third place nationally in air cargo movement
  • Second most open economy entity in the country
  • Top State in Competitive Structure Index (ITESM)
  • Has the second-largest number of foreign companies in Mexico
  • The busiest border in the world

Mexico City Region Stats

  • Mexico City International Airport is the second busiest airport in all Latin America
  • The eighth-largest urban economy in the world with a GDP of US$449 billion
  • FDI Cities of the Future ranks Mexico City 7th in terms of future economic potential
  • International business is increasingly investing in Mexico City’s central business district (70% of the total investment in the country)

Guadalajara Region Stats

  • Guadalajara is the country's second-largest city and one of the 4 largest economies in Mexico.
  • The city has a population of 1.4 million inhabitants.
  • It has a business-friendly environment and strong government support.
  • In Jalisco, 65% of investment growth takes place in the services industry.
  • Jalisco has earned the trust of more than 2,600 international companies throughout different sectors.


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