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Hire The Right Contact Center Agents: Important Agent Skills & Qualities

Hire The Right Contact Center Agents: Important Agent Skills & Qualities

The hiring process is one of the most important in a contact center. Why? Call Center Agents are the ones that talk with our customers live and action, many times they are who listens to their concerns, persuade them to buy, help them solve problems and questions they might have, and so on.

If you care about customer service and customer experience you know the importance of having prepared agents that can offer an excellent service to our customers. That is why you need to look for people with specific traits when hiring a call center agent. Here are some of the most important characteristics you should look for in a call center agent.

Communication Skills

When we talk about this, we talk about everything that involves communication, oral and written, what you say it and how you say it, and even more important how good you are at listening. The main task of call center agents is to communicate with customers, that is why it is so important to hire people with great communication skills. Excellent grammar, positive language, active listening, persuasive skills are characteristics call centers agents need to offer great customer service.



Empathy is nothing more than sensing and understanding the feelings of the other. As we have said in previous articles, empathy is really important to offer exceptional customer service, because emotions play a big role in the client’s decisions and perceptions. When the call center agent can understand them, they will offer more customized and effective service. We believe empathy is something you can develop in your agents but the truth is that it is much more difficult to train soft skills, like empathy than technical knowledge, that is why it is so important to hire people with strong empathy.


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Emotional Intelligence

As important as understanding customers emotions it is to understand our own emotions and know how to manage them. Call center agents to speak with people that show negative attitudes, they can feel stressed with difficult customer situations or can feel down with sad customers stories, also they can let their personal emotions interfere with the service level they offer. If they had a bad call, they should start the other with new positivism. That is why it is important for them to have emotional intelligence to remain calm, positive, and know how to manage their feelings.


Adaptability and Flexibility

Another skill you should take into consideration when hiring a call center agent is adaptability and flexibility. Call center agents experience many different situations during the day and speak with a wide diversity of people, adding that sometimes they also need to be switching channels and systems. They need to easily adapt to each call and offer a personalized experience to each customer. They also need to be multitask, not every one of us is, to be multitask you don’t only need to do several things at the same time but do them correctly. Agents need to speak and listen to the customer, while taking notes, while looking for information. A call center agent with this ability will facilitate their work and reduce their stress.



This might not be an obligatory skill but being tech-savvy will facilitate training, work and efficiency. Contact centers are very involved in the use of information technology and other new technologies. Being tech-savvy is about being good at using technologies and understand how to use new technology features. For that reason, is very convenient to hire tech-savvy agents. For example, here at CCSI, we apply a computer and typing test, and for those that not get a high score in these test we offer training to ensure efficiency for our clients.


At Call Center Services International we take the hiring process seriously, we want to hire the right agents for you. Our candidates go thru a series of test including a psychometric test and have 2 interviews, one with our Human Resources team that look for this kind of qualities and one with your nearshore supervisor to make sure they meet your desired profile as well. Contact us to learn more about how we help U.S. companies succeed in Mexico.

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