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Why You Should Work With An IT & Software Development Team In Mexico?

Why You Should Work With An IT & Software Development Team In Mexico?

IT and Software Development talent in Mexico is growing. There are many U.S. companies that are turning to look at Mexico for their IT projects. This is because Mexico has several advantages for companies that need these services.

Mexico has a large pool of talented IT and development professionals fluent in English, located in fully equipped facilities, with the best infrastructure. The Mexican government knows that this industry has a great potential for the country and for this reason its investing and helping companies to establish IT and Software development centers. Let’s take a closer look at these great advantages.

Highly Qualified Pool of Technology Professionals
The talent pool of technology professionals in Mexico has been constantly growing. The county has more than 120 universities and technical schools and technological careers are well in demand by Mexican young students. About 60,000 of students graduate from an IT related program each year in Mexico and there are currently more students enrolled in full-time undergraduate engineer programs than in the United States. This is partially thanks to the support of the government and schools that offer scholarships and other incentives to students enrolled in engineer programs. These careers are also in demand because of the job opportunities they have in the future. Even though the salary for IT and Software Development jobs in Mexico does not compare to the salaries in the United States. This is because of the cost of living in this country.


Professional English
Thanks to proximity, most of IT Mexicans professionals are familiarized with the English language. Since kids, they are used to watch American TV programs. Depending on their socioeconomic status, they like to play videogames, in English. At school, they take English courses. Later on, when they enroll to a university, the programming languages they learn are in English, the programs they use and, in many cases, the books they use are in English. There are also exchange programs between international and Mexican universities that let college students do part of their studies in other countries, including the United States. In many universities, professional English is a graduation prerequisite. Students must present an English certificate or diploma to get their degree. Due to all of this, it’s not rare to see that most IT professionals are proficient in English. This means that there is not only a large pool of IT professionals but technology professionals with good English skills.


Contrary at what many people think, Mexican IT and networking infrastructure are globally competitive. Mexico is continuously enhancing its infrastructure to offer better performance and services. Most nearshore development centers have fast telecommunication services that can be easily connected with U.S. carriers. Most of them have good computer systems and equipment, great quality servers and connections to offer the right tools for the team. There is no reason why they wouldn’t have the same or better performance than their United States counterparts.


Government Support
The Mexican government supports the IT industry in Mexico in various ways. The government invests money in creating and developing better infrastructure for these services, more stable networks and faster communication. Also, as we mentioned before, the government motivates students to enroll in engineering careers related to technology with scholarships in many universities, including some of the best in the country, such as UNAM and Tecnológico de Monterrey, just to mention a few. The government also provides financing and resources to companies in the IT industry to help them grow and offer more jobs for these talented students. As is well known, the government also works in agreements with the United States to keep NAFTA to facilitate and protect the relationship between American and Mexican companies. Thanks to all this, Mexico is the third-largest exporter of IT services in the world.


As you can see know, Mexico is one of the best options to work with for IT or Software Development projects or processes.

If you are interested in having an IT and Software Development team in Mexico, contact us to learn how Call Center Services International can help you.