Need more collection agents to meet recovery goals?

Maximize Your Recovery
Goals with a Nearshore
Debt Collection Contact
Center in Mexico


CCSI’s Nearshore Debt Collection Solution can help you increase your collection agent capacity to ensure your First and Third Party Debt Recovery goals are met.

Nearshore call center services can help you focus on your contact center performance, debt management, and recovery rates by eliminating the hassle of recruiting collection agents in the U.S., the increasing competition in the call center labor market, raise in salaries, high attrition rates, and inflation of operational costs.

Debt Collection Call Center Agent

CCSI specializes in establishing Debt Collection Contact Centers in Mexico to provide U.S. businesses and collection agencies access to the Nearshore Advantages:

  • Globally Competitive Rates: Save up to 50% versus U.S. centers
  • Bilingual Workforce: Have access to the largest English/Spanish speaking workforce in Latin America
  • Cultural Alignment: Our call center agents are experienced in the culture and nuances of interacting with U.S. debtors
  • Proximity to the U.S.: 1 to 4 hours travel time through land crossing or direct flights from U.S. Airports to be at your Nearshore center

Our Nearshore model is not like other debt service providers. CCSI will allow you to keep complete control of your debt collection operation, which will follow your processes and procedures, using our existing infrastructure and administrative personnel, being financially and legally responsible for your Mexican call center.

Our Centers follow the best practices and standards of the debt collection industry, such as ACA International, PCI & HIPAA, and we are very compromised in taking care of the security of your customer’s information in every collection call following the regulatory guidance of our certifications SOC 2 Type 1 & ISO 20000.


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