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Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Ingredients For A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

Having a successful call center outsourcing partnership is like cooking a good meal. You must find good quality ingredients, put them in at the precise moment, mix them, let them cook, and then, you can enjoy a great meal.

It is the same as an outsourcing relationship. You need to find a call center vendor that provides quality and put your effort, time and resources into implementing and maintaining the outsourced operation running smoothly. That way, you get the benefits of outsourcing your customer service operation.

Keep in mind that you won't cook alone. Find a good partner with knowledge and experience to help you improve your meal.

We know there is not an exact recipe for every company. But, with our years of experience providing nearshore call center solutions to our clients, we can give you some insights that can help you get closer to a successful call center partnership and build your new team. 
 Ingredients Successful Outsourcing Recipe

Development & Improvement

Your contact center outsourcing should provide the resources and solutions to help you improve your business. Many companies think that outsourcing providers should stick to comply with the process, instructions, and goals in the contract. But, for a successful partnership, cooperation must exist to recommend improvements to make the processes and operations more efficient, solve issues, and have the desire to reach bigger goals.


Culture & Values Similarity

When selecting your outsourcing company, you should always consider its organizational culture and values. For an excellent offshore or nearshore partnership, a synergy between companies with similar values and cultural fit should exist. This will allow to have better communication and reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

In addition, a win-win mentality should exist. If both teams are winning, the relationship will last longer, and it will be more productive because the success of one will be the success of the other.


Communication is key for a fruitful outsourcing relationship. The way information is shared between companies, the reports provided, and the techniques, processes, and communication channels are crucial elements that should be considered. And remember, communication goes both ways. Keep your outsourced call center team in the loop about your company situation, products, and processes. Schedule meetings and visits to the nearshore or offshore call center facilities to meet your call center agents and operational team.


Relationship Management

When you are planning to have a long-term partnership with a call center outsourcing company, and the team is growing, it is beneficial to assign a person to be in charge of the relationship management between the outsourcing provider and yours. This person can help you keep constant communication, give you updates and work with your partner to improve your outsourcing strategy.



As in every relationship, trust is essential between people, teams, and companies. For a successful call center outsourcing partnership or any partnership, companies should trust that both parties will do their best job and work together to find a solution if something is not meeting expectations.

If you mix these quality ingredients and give them the right amount and time they need, you will have a great and cost effect outsourcing partnership, just like cooking a great meal.

However, be careful not to ruin the flavor with bad ingredients like: poor up-front planning, lack of shared goals, and unsatisfactory performance.

At Call Center Services International, we care about our clients and always try to find the perfect recipe to create a successful nearshore outsourcing partnership. We look for a win-win and long-term relationship with our clients. We invite you to read our Client Testimonials!