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Be A Better Call Center Leader: 7 Things You Can Do

Be A Better Call Center Leader: 7 Things You Can Do

Leadership is a must for call center managers. They work with people and need to guide them to reach a common goal following the same vision. We know this is not an easy task or that it seems to be easier for some people than others.

Because of this, many say that leadership is something you are born with. Could be. No one knows. But what we do know is that the skills that can make us better leaders can be improved when you know what to do and how to do it. Leadership training for supervisors and managers is indispensable for call centers. Agents need coaches that help them give great customer service, reach their goals, and feel motivated at the same time. Here are some tips to be a better call center manager. Put them in practice, share them, and see how your agents feel with these changes.

Be Better Call Center Leader Infographic

Connect & Communicate
One of the roles of a leader is to communicate the vision and goals to the team. But communication does not end there. An important part of communication is to listen, to observe. It’s important for leaders to be informed of what is happening in the team, to listen to each agent in order to know what you can do for them. Also, a leader should be aware of the different communication modes and which one works better for each member of the team. Good leaders know their teammates on a personal level, they do not only talk about work, they ask them how they are, what are their aspirations, about their family. When leaders connect with their people, the team believes in them and trusts them. Get out of your office and start talking and listening to your team.


Be positive and optimistic
As a leader, you need to motivate your team. In a stressful environment, like call centers can be, positive feedback, an optimistic attitude towards problems, and fun at work is what makes a team work better. It’s proven that fun at work increases productivity. As a call center leader, what you can do is look for the positive in every problem. If agents feel less frustrated about a problem, the solution will come easier. Organize games and activities at the center, make your agents smile, and never forget to praise people often.


Be a mentor
One of the greatest things of being a leader is to share your knowledge and help others to be better. Just like a mentor, it is your responsibility to teach your agents the lessons you have learned that have helped you grow so they can also reach their goals. You need to know each member of your team, their strengths and aspirations. When you know this, when you spot their talent, you can give assign them activities that can reinforce those strengths, and when they improve themselves, the team becomes stronger too. Be the person your agents will look for when they want to develop their skills. Invest in people, get to know them, their personal goals, and help in what you can. Because when you become a leader, it is not about you and your growth, it’s about the team and each of its members. Let your agents become supervisors, managers, leaders just like you.


Set an example
When you are a leader, people follow you and follow your steps. If you want your agents to do something, you need to do it too. If you want them to respect you, respect them. If you want them to be kind with customers, be kind with them. When you show instead of telling, the response will be better. You create an impact on the agents. This can also help you to build sympathy and empathy with the team. Sometimes, we don’t see the effort it takes to do something we want others to do. If you show your agents how to do it, it will motivate them.


To receive, you need to give. Like we have just mentioned, set an example. If you want your agents to trust you, you need to trust them and their abilities. It’s normal that when you are just starting with a team or when you are supervising for the first time and want to make a good impression, you want to be on top of your team for everything, checking that everything is being done correctly. This can annoy the agents. You need to trust in your team. Each agent has the ability to do their job correctly. If you trust them, you give them freedom and the opportunity to learn for themselves. Be there to help them when they need it, but also don’t give them all the answers, because sometimes they already know it. Help them resolve their own problems. And, if you trust in your team, you will also have more time to do your job, make improvements, and be there for those who really need your assistance.


Manage your emotions
We know that sometimes there are moments of stress in call centers. We know that we are humans and have feelings, and that not every day is a good day. But an important thing you need to do as a leader, especially in a call center, is to manage your emotions. If you have a discussion with an agent, or you need to handle a difficult customer, you need to keep calm. Remember, you need to motivate your team, be positive, even in difficult situations, you need to push your team.


Keep Educating Yourself
You are doing well on this, you are reading this article. Keep reading about leadership, management, emotional intelligence, teamwork. These days, books and blogs are very accessible. You can listen to podcasts, watch videos, and many other things that can help you keep learning. But one of the best advices we can give you is to build relationships with other leaders and people that have more experience than you. Other great leaders can give you the best advice.


You can be the call center leader you want to be.


At Call Center Services International we believe in helping our supervisors and managers improve their leadership skills with quality development and coaching programs. Learn more about our world-class workforce.