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FCR Announces Partnership With CCSI For Nearshore Operations Expansion

FCR Announces Partnership With CCSI For Nearshore Operations Expansion

EUGENE, OR - FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced its plans to open a new nearshore contact center with Call Center Services International (CCSI) in Baja California, Mexico.

CCSI is located just minutes away from San Diego, California, its centered within the heart of Tijuana’s International Business Park, and provides easy access and proximity to the US-Mexico border crossing. FCR has planned a Grand Opening for April of 2018 with an initial team of 30-50 fulltime employees, and expects to grow their employee footprint to over 300 fulltime employees in the Baja area over time. The expansion allows FCR to augment its U.S.-based domestic operations with high quality bilingual and Spanish language services for its existing and future clients.

FCR’s new Tijuana, Baja center is located within the CCSI Otay facilities and is fully integrated with FCR’s U.S. operations. CCSI will mirror FCR’s existing systems, processes and procedures, compliance rules, and high-performance standards its clients have become accustomed to. As with all FCR’s sites across Oregon and Montana, FCR’s management team will maintain operational control of the Tijuana location with cross border management training and close partnership and communication with the dedicated on-site Supervisors, Team Leads, and Agents of the center.


“We are very excited about our newest expansion in Tijuana,” said Matthew Achak, Co-Founder of FCR. “Our clients have been asking us for a solution such as this for years now, and we believe this nearshore solution will provide us the ability to offer our clients more service offerings for their Spanish language and bilingual needs. Our clients and the industries they represent are ever changing and increasingly more global. We see this as an enhancement to our existing English language operations in the U.S. and as an opportunity to expand our services to a much wider audience as well. We will always continue to grow our domestic sites in the United States, however now we have the nearshore operations to complement our clients’ needs for Spanish language and bilingual services as well.”


Katheryn Carnahan, President of FCR, added, “It’s important for us to maintain consistency for our clients and to ensure they continue to receive the same great service they’ve come to expect from us. We’re committed to creating nearshore operations that are not only fully integrated with our operations and infrastructure in the U.S., but also one that matches our culture and values as well. As with all of our current domestic centers, FCR wants our colleagues in Tijuana to feel as if they are just as much a part of the FCR community and culture as our colleagues in Oregon and Montana. We’re really excited about this next chapter in the FCR story.”


About FCR
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, with contact center facilities in Oregon, Montana and now Tijuana, Mexico, FCR has built a new class of high-quality, domestic-based contact center and business process outsourcing solutions. The company provides a wide range of outsourced call center and business process solutions to industries that include high tech, startups, mobile commerce, wireless, telecom, finance, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, travel and hospitality, and various sectors of the new economy. FCR currently supports more than 60 clients and employs over 1,600 colleagues across seven contact center facilities. FCR is changing the face of the outsourcing industry, one call, email, instant message, text, and video conference at a time. To learn more about the company, visit www.gofcr.com for further information.


About Call Center Services International
Call Center Services International (CCSI) helps US companies establish high-performance nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico, providing a World-Class Bilingual Workforce, State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure, and Proximity to the U.S. (minutes from the San Diego border or in Mexico City). For more information, visit https://ccsi.com.


Original Article: FCR Announces Nearshore Expansion With New Tijuana, Baja Operations by Joe Goedereis