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6 Advantages Of A Nearshore Call Center

6 Advantages Of A Nearshore Call Center
Speaking from our experience in establishing call centers in Baja California for North American businesses, we have come to understand that when companies consider offshore outsourcing, they are looking at associated benefits, like lower costs and avoiding the difficulty of recruiting and training agents, among others.
A nearshore solution also provides those benefits, but, did you know that there are additional advantages that come with establishing a call center in Baja California?

Take for example Call Center Services International's nearshore approach. With a nearshore call center you would also benefit from these key advantages:

1. Same Business Hours. One of the most common problems with outsourcing is the time difference. With a nearshore call center in Baja California you would share business hours in the same Pacific Time zone as in the United States. The biggest time difference would be between East Coast and West Coast.

2. Cultural similarities.
Why struggle with cultural differences? Due to our closeness with the United States, call center agents in Baja California are fluently bilingual and bicultural. There is no language barrier and cultural similarities are overwhelming, which ensures an experienced and diverse workforce capable building rapport with North American clients.

3. Proximity. Say goodbye to jet lag and very expensive flight rates. CCSI is strategically located in Tijuana, Baja California, just minutes from San Diego, CA. Just a short flight or a quick drive and you can visit your nearshore contact center.

4. State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure. Communication problems and poor infrastructure are also common issues in outsourcing. But with CCSI's state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, you are guaranteed seamless and virtually uninterrupted communications.

5. Competitive Pricing. You can reduce operational costs with our pricing models. Baja agent rates and overhead expenses are up to 50% less than the United States and CCSI handles your recruitment, hiring, and training needs, giving you a huge cost savings opportunity with minimal risk and investment.

6. Complete Control Of Your Operation. Unlike traditional outsourcing, our approach to establishing a nearshore Mexico call center allows you to maintain operational control of your agents and processes. In other words, you establish a satellite facility in Baja California and your nearshore call center agents are an extension of your existing operation and are managed by your U.S. team as part of the same strategy.

These are just some examples of why Baja California has become the preferred nearshore destination for companies servicing North American markets. We would be delighted to speak with you about how these nearshore call center advantages can help you ensure success in the outsourcing process. Contact us at (877) 399-3419 and tell us about your business goals!