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CCSI Joins HFMA to Enhance Healthcare Call Center Solutions

CCSI is now an HFMA Member

Call Center Services International is a Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) member. As a leading Nearshore Contact Center service provider, this membership reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional contact center solutions to the healthcare industry.


Expanding U.S. Contact Centers in Mexico

We specialize in helping top U.S. companies successfully expand their contact center operations in Mexico. Our nearshore solution offers state-of-the-art facilities strategically located in Mexico, providing numerous advantages, like a bilingual and bicultural workforce, proximity to the U.S., and significant operational cost savings. Our clients can benefit from 100% operational control while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


Nearshore Benefits for Call Centers in the Healthcare Sector

By partnering with Call Center Services International, Healthcare and Financial companies can leverage our expertise by doing business in Mexico, making the process of establishing a Nearshore call center easier and effective.

Our bilingual agents guarantee seamless communication with English and Spanish-speaking clients, enhancing customer experiences while avoiding language barriers.

The proximity of our Mexico call centers allows for efficient and timely communication between your Nearshore and U.S. teams, resulting in better management control and top performance.


Healthcare Financial Management Association Membership

Becoming a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association strengthens our vision to be the best value-based contact center for companies seeking a Nearshore solution by staying up to date with the latest developments in healthcare finance and further optimizing our services for our clients.


About HFMA

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) helps its members achieve optimal performance by providing the practical tools and solutions, education, industry analyses, and strategic guidance needed to address the many challenges that exist within the U.S. healthcare system.


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