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Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary - Message From Our President

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary - Message From Our President

Today is a special day: Call Center Services International’s 10th anniversary! 10 years ago, we founded CCSI with the goal of providing U.S. companies with a cost-effective Nearshore Contact Center solution in Mexico that delivers a talented workforce with outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.

Looking back at our history, I feel that our Company has always undertaken our business activities with one thing in mind: Taking care of our employees. Most compliments I receive from clients and prospects alike are about CCSI’s work atmosphere. How our clients can see the excitement in our agents as they come into work. Clients are dually impressed with our fully equipped state of the art facilities, the impressive growth of the company, and the way we conduct ourselves as business partners with them.

At the end of our first year in 2008, CCSI had 3 clients and 50 agents in one location. Today, we have 20 clients and over 750 employees in 3 nearshore centers: 2 in Baja California and 1 in Mexico City. In the 10-year history of our Company, our clients have turned to our expertise, backed by our commitment to assure performance-driven results, excellent agent development, and continuous process improvement.

None of this would be possible without our talented contact center agents, support staff and administrative team, who give their best to help our clients be successful each day with their Mexico contact centers. We have accomplished a lot together, and in the coming years, CCSI has even greater plans by creating more great jobs for the communities in Mexico and helping even more U.S businesses be successful on their nearshore venture.

Thank you to all our hard-working and highly dedicated employees and administrative staff for helping us build a world-class Contact & Support Center focused on success and client satisfaction. A special thanks to our clients for giving us your trust and confidence in being your Nearshore partner!



Jose Erick Esparza
Call Center Services International, Inc.

CCSI 10 Anniversary Facts & Figures


Call Center Services International 10th Anniversary Facts & Figures

  • We have created 4,400 jobs! This has benefited more than 3,300 families.
  • 200+ Employees have made a career at CCSI.
  • 100+ Employees have worked at CCSI for more than 5 years.
  • We have helped over 60 companies successfully establish Nearshore Contact & IT Centers in Mexico.
  • 40% Annual company growth.
  • In 10 years, our clients have saved more than $50,000,000 USD by partnering with CCSI.
  • 80% of our Mexico agents have outperformed their U.S. counterparts.
  • More than 200,000 million happy customers have been in contact with CCSI agents.