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How Can Call Center Agents Connect Better With Customers?

How Can Call Center Agents Connect Better With Customers?

We are social and emotional. We trust people we relate with, we trust in our family and friends. What if your call center agents could create a connection with the customer to increase their trust and, that way, increase sales, collections, or whatever performance goal you have, and, at the same, boost customer loyalty?

There are many things agents can do to achieve this. What’s important is to show customers you see them as people and show you care about them. Here are 5 things call center agents can do to build a better relationship with your customers.

Refer To Them By Their Name
It’s important to let customers feel that you don’t see them just as another customer or just another call. Let them know you know that they are a person with a name, problems, and feelings. Try to get their name at the beginning of the call. Even if you can see their name in the CRM, try to ask them and use the name they give to you. It’s a good practice to say their name several times during the call to let them know you are talking to them specifically, not just saying what you would say to another customer.


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Be Natural
Keep a respectful conversation but try to imagine you are talking with a friend. Avoid using scripts or try to not sound scripted. People don’t build an emotional connection with other people with robots. Avoid using a methodic tone, put emotions in every sentence you say, and be warm. Make them feel comfortable when they call. Some people might get nervous on the phone, let them feel familiar. That way, the call will go easier, they will express themselves better, and you will be able to offer a better solution.


Adjust Your Communication Style
Again, make them feel comfortable and familiar with you. Mirror their energy, language, and style. But always keep a positive tone. Try to repeat words they use. That way, they will understand you better and will know that you are listening to them and answering what they need. Customize your message to their communication style. Things flow better when you speak their language. If they are more data-driven, give them numbers, for instance.


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Take A Personal Interest In The Customer
Get to know the caller on a personal level. Know about their desires, fears, motivations. During downtimes, ask a few light questions about them or thoroughly analyze what they are saying. For example, if they are going to a trip, ask them where they are going, what is beautiful about that place. It is a motivation they have and an easy topic to talk about. If you keep a conversation with the customer in several calls, try to recall the information they gave you before and ask about that. That way, they will know that you remember them and that you care about them. Just avoid asking for information that is too personal. Don’t insist on having a conversation when the customer does not want to and don’t diverge too much from the purpose of the call.


Show Interest
Put yourself in their shoes, try to find out how they feel and let them know you want to help them. Listen carefully and repeat what they say to make sure you understand what they said and use empathy statements to make them feel better. Make their problem your problem, just like when a friend has a problem and you try to do all that is in your hands to help. The customer will feel appreciated and you are going to keep a happy and loyal customer.


Put this advice into practice and see how your customers respond better. You might be able to put a smile on their face and that will be reflected in your performance.


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