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How To Improve Coaching & Development of Customer Experience Employees

How To Improve Coaching & Development of Customer Experience Employees

As Customer Service Contact Centers, we know that Customer Experience is one of our priorities. We constantly look for new ways to improve it CX. We might implement new technologies, adapt our processes and regulations.

But, we should not forget themost important element for a great customer experience: our employees!

But how do we help our agents develop their skills and deliver a great customer experience on every call or point of contact? Well… Let’s ask the experts!

We reached out CX Experts on Twitter and asked them: What is the first step you would take to improve coaching & development of #CX employees?

This is what they suggest:

Summarizing what they said, we can start improving customer experience coaching and development for our employees by:

  1. Hiring the right customer experience staff
  2. Making coaching frequent and continuous
  3. Understanding our agents’ needs to create a career path and growth opportunities for them.

Now that you have this advice from the experts, when will you start improving your agent Coaching & Development?

Special thanks to Shep Hyken, Leslie O'Flahavan and Annette Franz for their answers and sharing their knowledge with us. Follow them on Twitter:

• Shep Hyken‏ @Hyken
• Leslie O'Flahavan @LeslieO
• Annette Franz, CCXP‏ @annettefranz

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