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CCSI Honors Long Service Employees During 10th Anniversary Celebration

CCSI Honors Long Service Employees During 10th Anniversary Celebration

Back in March, Call Center Services International hit the 10-year mark of successfully helping North American companies establish contact centers in Mexico.

On May 3-4, CCSI continued its Anniversary celebration by honoring long service call center employees ranging from 4-10 years while recognizing their exceptional performance and loyalty.

The awards to long standing staff were presented by Eric Esparza (President of CCSI), Frank Esparza (VP of Sales & Marketing), and Jorge Oros (VP of Operations) during a 10th Anniversary ceremony at CCSI’s two nearshore Baja California facilities: the main Baja Center in Plaza Agua Caliente and the newest 85,000 sqft contact center in Otay. Both centers are located 10 minutes from the San Diego border.

Addressing the staff, Eric Esparza said, “You are the reason that we can do this. We kind of steer the ship, but you guys are the engine and we thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication.”

CCSI started with 3 clients and 50 agents in one location back in 2008 and in 10 years it has grown to service around 20 clients with over 800 employees in 3 nearshore locations in Mexico.

Jorge Oros said to the staff, “We realize all the potential that we have here in Mexico, all the jobs that we have been able to generate, all the people’s lives we have been able to change. At first, it was hard, but we’ve been through a lot in these last 10 years and everyone here has been part of this big dream, the CCSI family.”

Frank Esparza added, “I just want to thank you guys, these 10 years have been great. Let’s have another 10 great years and continue to bring great jobs here in Tijuana and Mexico City.”

At Call Center Services International we are grateful of having an exceptional team, that is why we recognize their hard work. By having happy employees, we can guarantee the best performance and low turnover. Learn more about our talented bicultural workforce.