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Fantastic Team Building Ideas to Do with your Call Center Team this Christmas

Fantastic Team Building Ideas to Do with your Call Center Team this Christmas

Christmas is a season when we share our time with others and get together, it is a great opportunity to create bonds in your team. An engaged team is more effective and as we always say, happy employees equal to happy clients.

Call centers agents pass most of their time on the phone, but it is important to have a united team to reach the goals and have a healthy environment of collaboration. For call center leaders that need to find some team building ideas and want to take advantage of the Christmas time, here are 7 fantastic ideas. 

Social work

One of the best feelings we have is when we give. The company receives many things during the year and this season is a great time to give back. This is one of the most effective team building activities, the team can collect some money, food, toys, clothes, etc. to give to the ones in need, and if there exists a possibility to visit these groups to give the donation or just spend some time with them, that will create a bond that will last forever.

CCSI every year collects toys and money for an orphanage in the region, some team members have the pleasure of giving the donations to the orphanage and gather with the kids. Our team always remembers that with a smile.


Secret Santa

This one of the most traditional activities to do at work on Christmas, yet still effective to connect the team. Secret Santa is a great activity because agents need to find out what are the likes, dislikes and preferences of the other person and is an excuse to interact together. At the end of the activity, all agents can get together and say a special message for the other person.


Decorate the Center

Nothing frees the Christmas spirit as decorating. All the team can take a little time to decorate the office together, is a good time to share experiences, have fun and work as a team aside from work. All the season the team will appreciate the work they did together. You can do it thematic or add some unique things about your team.


A Company Outing

If there exists the chance of doing a get together outside the company, this can be good for the team. They can know each other outside of work and having lunch in a restaurant or go bowling, for example. The agents will have the opportunity to forget about work and just focus on their relationship as a team.


In-house Catered Lunch

If it is difficult to meet outside the company, you can organize an in-house catered lunch. This is just another opportunity for your team to relate and spend some quality time. Having a small Christmas dinner at the center is a good idea.


Hold a Contest

Contests are fun and develop the creativity of the team. This season gives a ton of ideas for contests such as ugly Christmas sweater, decorating cubicles, trees or gingerbread houses. If you want more interaction within agents, make those contests by teams.


Crafting Workshops

Christmas wreaths, wrapping gifts, Christmas dinner cooking lessons… there are many workshops you can offer to your team! This is an opportunity to learn something else not related to the job for them to relax. There are some people that are better at crafting and they can help others that aren’t so good at it leading to create a special bond between coworkers.


What other activities do you do in your contact center at Christmas?


At Call Center Services International we know the importance of having happy and high-performing agents, we always look for ideas to motivate our talented bilingual agents because they are the reason of our success. Learn more about CCSI.