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5 Best CCSI’s Contact Center Articles of 2018

5 Best CCSI’s Contact Center Articles of 2018

First of all, we want to thank all our readers and followers and we hope we have help you improve in one or several aspects of your contact center.

This year has been great in many ways, we have grown, we have learned many things, and we want to continue sharing that with you. Here are our 5 most popular articles of the year that you have selected with your views, likes and comments, we put them together, so you don’t miss these learning opportunities.

15 Empathy Statements And Tips To Help You Improve Customer Service

This was the most popular article of the year for a good reason, empathy is key in conflict resolution, customer service and selling. If you provide some empathy statements as a reference to your agents, you give them tools to better help the customers, but in this article, we don’t only give you that, but some tips to create your own unique and effective empathy statements. Read Full Article


How Can Call Center Agents Connect Better With Customers?

Agents perform better when they can build a relationship with the customer in just a few minutes of the call, but that can be a challenge. For that reason, this article turned to be one of the most popular of the year, here we give you some tips on how agents can connect better with the customers and this way increase performance and customer loyalty. Read Full Article


Hire The Right Contact Center Agents: How To Assess Soft Skills

We can see how the topic of the majority of our most popular contact center articles is soft skills, such as empathy and interpersonal skills. Call center managers now are more and more interested in soft skills because we have realized that they sometimes are more important that hard skills. Consequently, it is key to hire the right people and look for people that have great soft skills. In this article we help you assess soft skills to help you improve your hiring process and select the right people for your contact center. Read Full Article


5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Agents’ Product Or Service Knowledge

As important as soft skills, is training. Product or service knowledge is essential for your call center agents to respond correctly to your customers’ needs and questions. There are several ways you can improve their knowledge without investing so much time or money. In this article you can find 5 different ways to do it, choose the ones that work for you and your agents. Read Full Article


What NOT To Do To Keep Your Contact Center Agents Happy

You may do many things to make your contact center agents happy but if you don’t avoid doing things that do not make them happy you might be investing your efforts in vain. This article shows you 5 things you should not do to keep you agents happy. Read Full Article


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