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Essential Company Elements You Need To Teach Your Nearshore Team

Essential Company Elements to Teach your Nearshore Team

When starting with a new team, no matter if it’s in-house or outsourced, training plays an important role. Some things are easier to learn in-house, or sometimes we give a different training to outsourced teams and forget to teach them essential elements.

If you have, or are willing to have, a nearshore contact center team and you want it to be successful, don’t forget to teach them about the following essential things: Vision, Processes, Product, Industry, and Customers.


If you want your nearshore team to work as good as your in-house team, you need to make sure they share the same vision. We all know that the vision and mission of a company will guide every activity we make.

It’s important that you explain and help your nearshore team to understand your vision, mission, values, goals, culture and voice of your company. This will unify the team with your company, follow the same objective, and work in harmony.


You need to train your nearshore contact center agents on your processes and, more essentially, the process they are going to follow. Let your nearshore team understand how you give a product or service to the customers, what are the steps from producing it to when the customer gets it. Why do you need to give them all this information? Because it will help them understand the customer journey and the timing for products to be ready, etc.

Make sure the process they going to follow is clearly described step-by-step. Also, make sure you don’t miss the inherent knowledge, those things your agents have learned from practice. Be diligent and document all these tips, tricks, and changes the process might have during the practice, what makes it easier, or how it can be improved.


As the team needs to understand the processes, they also need to learn about your product. Your agents need to become advocates of your product and, for this to happen, they need to know it, and if possible, feel it or experience it.

There are several ways you can train your nearshore team in product knowledge. Show them samples, videos, case studies, let them read your promotional materials, and use instructions if available.


Just as it’s important to train on processes and product knowledge, you should always teach them about your industry. This helps them achieve a full understanding, but also to learn about specific organizations, regulations, and best practices in your industry.

There surely exist some rules or practices set by the industry that your company follows, and your nearshore team should do it as well. It is also constructive for your team to be up to date on industry trends. The more involved your team is in the industry, the better equipped they will be to offer an exceptional service.


The most essential thing you should teach your nearshore agents is about your customers. Tell them about the different customer profiles they might be in contact with, about their preferences, culture and behavior, the problems they might be facing when they contact them. Provide them with printed or digital material where they can see and review those profiles.

Give your nearshore team the tools to be successful, and they will perform as well, or in some cases, even better than your in-house team. Your nearshore contact center will be as successful as you want it to be. Also don’t forget to get involved. Test their knowledge and give a continuous training.

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