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Our 5 Favorite Employee Experience Articles For Contact Centers

Our 5 Favorite Employee Experience Articles For Contact Centers

When it comes to Contact Center Employee Experience, it seems that we’ll never stop learning. Taking care of our employees can be challenging, but essential.

Making sure employees have a perfect experience in our company every day will have an impact on making our customers even happier. Therefore, it’s important to keep learning more and more about this topic. We have read several articles that we think are worth sharing with you. These articles talk about how to improve the Customer Experience, but also about how it’s connected to the Employee Experience. Many times, we just think about the customer and we don’t stop to see that maybe the answer is in our employees. We invite you to read these excellent articles:

Employee Experience: The Road to Customer Experience (CX)

By Mansi Bhatia

Our Customer Experience should start with our first customers: our employees. This fantastic article talks about the things you need to consider improving on in your Employee Experience. Top Management must acknowledge the importance of this topic because employees are the ones who make or break the Customers Experience. Mansi recommends asking employees for feedback in person (forget about surveys to evaluate our Employee Experience), to put the company’s values into practice, and not to forget that improving the Employee Experience is an ongoing process.


CX + EX (Employee Experience) = Great Experiences

By Jim Tincher

In this article, Jim Tincher reminds us that Customer Experience and Employee Experience go hand in hand. CX fails when the employees are not engaged. We must help employees understand the vision and purpose of the company, that their hard work contributes to the success of the organization and let them know that the leadership cares about them. Jim also mentions that User Experience is important for EX. It’s important to give the employees the right tools to help them offer a better Customer Experience. Lastly, Jim tells us that EX needs to be part of our everyday job and that sometimes we need to take the lead in order to make it happen, ask employees for feedback, and to use your CX budget to incentivize employees. Read the full article here.


How to Create a Better Customer (and Employee) Experience

By Shep Hyken

A great article and video from CX expert Shep Hyken. He talks about how an engaged employee that believes in your company can positively impact your Customer Experience. Shep mentions in his article that Customer Experience should start from the top. Leaders need to set the example and employees will follow. You need to define your service and train your employees to deliver that experience so they can understand it and remember it. Treat your employees the way you want the customer to be treated. Or maybe even better, Shep gives us some questions to ask our employees to evaluate our Customer Experience. Discover these questions and more, read the full article here.


McDonald's Improves Customer Experience By Improving Employee Experience

Via CCW Digital

We really like this article because it demonstrates that every company can improve its Customer Experience by improving their Employee Experience. McDonald’s CEO recognized the link between happy, knowledgeable employees and happy, satisfied customers. For this reason, he implemented a pair of strategies to make employees happier. The article mentions that McDonald’s increased the wages and offered better training and practices. Learn how they did it, the results it brought to the company, and how you can also do it. Read the full article here.


The 3 Elements That Shape A Winning Contact Center Employee Experience


Finally, we recommend you read our article. It helps you understand what Employee Experience is to start working on it. There are 3 important elements you need to consider. These are: culture, physical environment, and technology. Understanding what every element involves will help you shape your own Employee Experience and, as a result, improve your Customer Experience too. Read the full article here.


At Call Center Services International we know that investing in the Employee Experience pays off and it shows in our clients’ satisfaction. Learn more about our world-class contact center workforce!