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Meet Us At The NARCA 2014 Spring Collection Conference

Meet Us At The NARCA 2014 Spring Collection Conference
Can a nearshore Collection Center help you increase recoveries and reduce operational costs? To learn how, let's meet at the NARCA 2014 Spring Collection Conference, May 15th to the 18th.
Top Collection Firms and Agencies have established nearshore collection centers in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego). They have chosen Call Center Services International (CCSI) to establish their collection centers because of our extensive knowledge of the Collections industry and our ability to drive agent performance results.
Key Advantages of a Baja Center include:

  • Abundant Bilingual and Bi-Cultural Workforce
  • Labor Rates that are 50% less than the U.S.
  • Convenient Access, minutes from San Diego, California.
  • World Class Facility and IT Infrastructure

CCSI's knowledge of the Debt Collection industry gives us the ability to recruit, train and motivate successful collection agents. CCSI unique approach is not "outsourcing", rather your Baja Collections Staff becomes an extension of your existing operation and is managed by your management team as part of the recovery strategy. This allows you to maintain control of the collection processes, placements, IT systems, best practices and measure performance in real-time. CCSI establishes your Baja Collection Center under our Corporate Structure and we are responsible legally and financially in Mexico.

Please contact us so we can discuss these key advantages at the upcoming NARCA Conference in Florida. Tel. (877) 399-3419