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Mexico Is a Top Destination for Doing Business and Shelter Company Programs Are Proving To Be a Worthwhile Approach

Mexico Is a Top Destination for Doing Business and Shelter Company Programs Are Proving To Be a Worthwhile Approach
Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO. Mexico ranks as top destinations for doing business according to the annual "Doing Business Report" released for 2013 by the World Bank.
Mexico improved 6 positions in the last two years according to World Bank findings, showing Mexico as a formidable player in international business. Shelter programs in Mexico offered by consulting and administrative service firms offer global corporations the protection with oversight in Mexico's pro-business environment.
From reducing the number of times a company pays taxes from 6 times in 2012 over 27 times in 2011, to the elimination of the minimum $5,000 USD required to start a business, Mexico is coming out of the international business gates at full steam.

Key finding of the report showed Mexico is ranked 48 under the "ease of doing business "category, surpassing all the BRIC countries including China (91), Brazil (130), and India (132). Over the last decade the United States saw a lot of call center and customer support services moved overseas to places such as India. With the recent report from the World Bank, one can expect call center services to be moved to nearshore locations such as Baja Californian northern border cities of . Call center services are often handled under Shelter company programs and agreements offered by consulting firms in Mexico.


Tijuana and Mexicali

When leading electron-mechanical and cable assembly manufacturer, MRG (Manufacturing Resource Group) chose Co-Production International to provide shelter services for their new cable assembly facility in Mexico, the decision was quickly proven worthwhile.

"We have seen an increase in our business and see tremendous growth opportunity coming from existing customers and from other locations including the West Coast," said MRG President, Joe Prior, of the new operations.

Shelter companies allow international businesses to establish operations from call centers to manufacturing activities under a "shelter" of an existing Mexican corporation. Acting as a "department" of an existing Mexican corporation allows the accountability and oversight of having your own corporation, without having to invest the size-able capital needed in facilities, personnel and liabilities associated with them. In addition to shelter services, manufacturing activities in Mexico have been proactively supported by both federal and municipal agencies in an effort to show near-shoring benefits of producing close to the two large economies of the United States and Canada.

In a time where offshore destinations such as China are becoming less cost-effective, Mexico has continued to attract international corporations for ease & reduced cost of transport, highly skilled workforce, free trade agreements offering no-tariff trade, and closer cultural connection to North American businesses. The World Bank report assessed ten areas of business regulation affecting domestic firms for 185 economies that include; starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts, and resolving insolvency. US companies are taking note of not only the nearshore benefits, but overall ease of doing business in Mexico with the World Bank's recent report.