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U.S. Deportees Find Success in Baja’s Call Center Industry

U.S. Deportees Find Success in Baja’s Call Center Industry
At Call Center Services International we take pride of our talented operations team for their excellent communication skills and service-oriented mindset.
Due to our proximity with the United States, our agents and supervisors are fluently bilingual and bicultural, which ensures an experienced, diverse workforce capable of catering to North American companies.

video journalists Brooke Binkowski and Juca Favela recently visited our Mexico facilities and spoke to some of our team members who have lived in the United States about their experience finding quality career opportunities in Baja California's Call Center Industry. Our very own Luis Aguero, Call Center Supervisor, shares his story.
"Over here you can come in and have a good lifestyle, have a good pay and work in a nice building with great people." Said Jorge Oros, VP of Operations, who was also interviewed for the story. ccsi call center jorge oros

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is a growing company in Tijuana that provides a lower cost nearshore contact center solution to clients that expect to receive a talented, bilingual, bicultural and motivated workforce with top quality service and outstanding customer satisfaction.