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Why U.S. Contact Centers Should Have Bilingual Agents

Why U.S. Contact Centers Should Have Bilingual Agents

It can sound obvious to say that having bilingual people in your team is a plus for your business. But, have you noticed the impact that having a contact center bilingual English-Spanish team can have?

About 12% of US population speaks Spanish, this means you can cover a bigger market segment, bilingual customer service can increase customer satisfaction and conversions. Those are just some of the benefits, here we explain to you why you should have bilingual agents.


12% of US Population Speaks Spanish
According to the United States Census Bureau in there are almost 40 million people that speak Spanish in the US. This means that statically 12% of your customers might speak Spanish, this may vary depending on the region and type of product, but, for example, if your business sells in California, and you don’t have a bilingual contact center workforce you are surely losing business opportunities or having unhappy customers.


Increase Customer Satisfaction
People feel more comfortable speaking with someone that speaks their first language, when you try to speak in a second language you can feel nervous our it can lead to misunderstanding, confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Giving your customers the opportunity to speak in the language they prefer will increase their satisfaction.


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Get More Conversions
Again, for the same reason, when customers can speak with someone confidently, they connect better. These connections allow to be more persuasive and for customers to trust you. If you manage processes like sales, debt collection or lead generation, just to mention a few, you can expect more leads, more money and more revenue with bilingual agents.


Grow Your Market
If you have a bilingual capability you can amplify your market to those millions of people in the US that speak Spanish. And, if they can see that you offer a bilingual service, they will be more likely to call to you rather than an only English contact center. This can be a decisive point to choose you over your competitors.


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Bilinguals are Better at Multitasking
A study showed that bilinguals can switch between tasks a lot quicker than people who only speak one language. Aside of the language capability, bilinguals can also be better at multitasking, and you know how important is this skill for agents, when they need to listen to a customer, update and search information in the database, and change for one program to another.


It is clear that having bilingual agents can level up the service of your contact center, but the reality is that is not really easy to hire bilingual workforce in the US and the cost can be expensive. In this case, it is more convenient for US companies to outsource their bilingual service. With CCSI you can have both, our agents are fluent in English and Spanish, you can extend your English service with a bilingual workforce, they can take calls in both languages, that way you reduce your operational cost and increase performance at the same time. Learn more about CCSI.