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14 Suggestions to Reduce Noise In The Call Center [INFOGRAPHIC]

14 Suggestions to Reduce Noise In The Call Center [INFOGRAPHIC]

Loud noise can be very common in a call center. Agents on the phone, supervisors giving instructions, noisy office machines. This is a problem. The background noise can be transmitted down the call, it can annoy customers and it can be perceived as unprofessional.

It is also harder for the agents to listen, think and give an exceptional service. In addition to this, it is important to mention that if the noise is too loud, it can also affect the health of your team. There are legal regulations on the number of decibels your employees are exposed to. For this reason, we created an infographic with 14 suggestions to help you reduce the noise at your call center.

1. Install acoustic ceiling tiles
This will help reduce the echo as well as the noise at the call center.

2. Put cubicles or fabric screens on decks separating the agents
This way, agents can hear the call better and they don’t need to speak out loud to be heard by the customer.

3. Use doors and corridors to separate working areas
The bigger the space, the louder the noise. If you separate the areas, you can distribute the noise for each space. This way, you can have some areas with more noise and others that require more concentration.

4. Use office plants
Plants can work as screens to reduce background noise.

5. Create a designated area for having conversations or meetings
Motivating agents to go somewhere else to take their breaks can help. Also, avoid having meetings where agents are taking calls.

6. Have a webchat system available to agents and supervisors
Announcements can be made via this channel, so supervisors don’t have to yell on the operations floor.

7. Use two-ear headsets
Two-ear headsets help agents to listen to the call better and improve concentration.

8. Teach the correct way to use a headset
If the microphone or earphone isn’t where it should, your agents will end up speaking louder.

9. Discourage agents from holding discussions behind working agents
Customers might be able to hear background conversations and it can be perceived as unprofessional or cause distraction.

10. Treat the call center like a library
Ask visitors to speak softly to let agents do their job.

11. Do not allow mobile phones on the floor
Personal conversations must not be made in operations.

12. Play recordings back to noisy agents to show them how loud they are
We may tell our agents how noisy they are, but they might not notice it unless you show them.

13. Listen to calls and check for background noise
There may be some noises that you don’t realize are affecting the background sound of the call.

14. Put noisy machines in another room
We manage with a lot of technology. Some office machines make noises and can distract or stress the agents.

Pay more attention to the noise at your call center and try some of these suggestions to reduce it. Your agents will work better and your customers will have a better perception of your services. Learn more about Call Center Services International’s talented workforce here.