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Baja California Among Top Call Center Industry Leaders In Mexico

Baja California Among Top Call Center Industry Leaders In Mexico
Tijuana, Baja California - The Call Center industry has successfully detonated in Baja California with over 20% annual growth, said Jorge Oros, President of the Baja Contact Center Cluster and VP of Operations at Call Center Services International.

There are over 12 thousand call center work stations in the state to date, of which Tijuana brings a higher percentage with at least 8000 jobs, mostly filled by migrants.

The cluster's progress in Baja California has been significant in Mexico since it has captured 15% of jobs and the state has placed itself in the fourth place of National Call Center Leaders, which also feature Monterrey, Mexico City and Guadalajara District, he said.

"The industry is growing and the recruitment aspect is one of our greatest areas of opportunity", stated the President of the Cluster.

The conditions in the state, being located in a strategic area near the border with the United States, allow a positive development in the region.

"We sell human capital and, due to our location, our competitive advantages, the level of English and the price," he added.

Companies operating in the city are Mexican investments and provide call center services to the United States, mostly specializing in sales, customer service, debt collection, technical support, among others.