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What is Best for your Business? Brick and Mortar vs. WFH

Brick & Mortar vs Work From Home

The Work From Home era arrived earlier than expected. Even though, in the call center industry, remote agents were already a thing, for many businesses it was something to consider in the future. Now we see that most contact centers are thinking to stay in this model partially or entirely. Still, this decision needs to be analyzed in depth to choose the best model for your company.


Brick and Mortar and WFH contact centers have several differences to consider when choosing what's best for your operation. It is not that one is better than the other, it's about fitting your business, processes, and agents the best. We'll address some of these models' significant differences, such as security, control, employee motivation, industry, and infrastructure to guide you on this decision.


Security & Control

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar provide the security and control most of the companies use. For that reason, in many cases, it is more secure and allows more control than work from home contact centers. With this model, you can have control access with security guards, biometric devices, and metal detectors. You can see what your agents are doing with cameras and supervisors on the floor. This model might be ideal for processes that manage sensitive information or require more supervision.

Work From Home

Work From Home models don't allow you to physically see and control what the agents are doing at home. You might find a lack of control and security than with a brick and mortar operation. But you can significantly reduce the risks and maintain control with the proper investment in monitoring software and reduce the agent-supervisor ratio to oversee the agents' performance.


Employee Motivation

Brick and Mortar

Now, more than ever, we understand the need for social interaction. Many people feel the need to work around others to be more motivated. Additionally, business managers are more comfortable creating a sense of community doing activities together, having casual celebrations, and having team huddles.

Work from Home

Many people are suffering from WFH fatigue because of the monotony and loneliness they may be experiencing. But you might also notice that many agents love to work from home. They save time and money without the need of commuting to work; they can spend more time with their families and enjoy after-work activities. It is crucial not to forget about your remote agents and include them in non work-related activities, look for ways to make them feel part of the company, and give them extra perks.



Brick and Mortar

This model works across all industries yet is highly effective for the Fintech and Collection industry. As we mentioned before, you can have more control and information security. Another process that can benefit from being on the floor is Sales, as the team's synergy and motivation are crucial.

Work From Home

With the right tools, WFH operations are a good option for any industry or call center process. But it works excellent for tech support and customer service. They aren't complex processes, and agents can create their own desired environment to relax and stay calm while offering excellent customer service. Entertainment, technology, and retail industries can benefit from it.



Brick and Mortar

The infrastructure cost may be substantial in brick and mortar operations. If you have your center in place already, you need to pay for maintenance, security, electricity, amongst other services. And if you are looking to expand your operation, you need to consider your build-up costs. (unless you decide to outsource or establish your center with CCSI).

Work From Home

When it comes to a remote operation, the physical infrastructure cost reduces considerably. You may provide computers and internet service. But you need to invest in technology, software, and personnel to ensure a proper and secure operation performance.


There's always the opportunity to mix of both models to have redundancy and take advantage of them.


CCSI can help you expand your contact center operation in traditional brick and Mortar and Work From Home models in Mexico. We feature a bilingual (English/Spanish), bicultural performance-driven talent pool. Guaranteeing legal and administrative support to ensure your success in Mexico. Contact us to learn more.