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Discover the Nearshore Mexico Advantage at Lendit Fintech LatAm 2020

CCSI Lendit Fintech Latam 2020

Join us at Lendit Fintech LatAm Virtual Conference, December 8th to 9th, and discover the Mexico Nearshore Advantage.


Please stop by our digital booth to learn how Fintech companies have improved their loan servicing and grown their receivables recovery with a Contact Center in Mexico.


 Mexico features a large bilingual and bicultural workforce, proximity to the U.S., state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a cost opportunity. These make it the most competitive Nearshore location for the financial sector. CCSI’s proven nearshore business model will help you establish a contact center in Mexico with high security and compliance standards. You will have full control of the operation, so it mirrors your U.S. based center’s quality. CCSI will ensure your success in Mexico.


“It’s pretty impressive what we’ve been able to do in a short amount of time. We would not have grown without the positive energy from a performance standpoint. Thank you, guys, for what you do!” Brian Renfro SVP of Servicing, Westlake Financial Services


At LendIt Fintech LatAm, you would explore the complexity of this rapidly changing new world as it delves into the latest and most important developments in fintech. This event is a great networking opportunity with 100+ speakers and over 800 attendees, including fintech innovators, debt and equity investors, commercial and regional banks, service providers, enterprise tech companies, the media, and government officials.


Stop by our virtual booth, or let’s schedule a 1:1 in Brella or contact us at (877) 399-3419 to explain to you in detail this opportunity.


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 About LendIt Fintech

LendIt Fintech is the World’s Leading Event in Financial Services Innovation.

LendIt Fintech hosts three conferences per year in the USA, Europe, and China. These events bring together every major fintech, blockchain, lending and digital banking companies from around the world. Professionals in the financial services industry come to learn, network and do business.


About Call Center Services International

With operational expertise in Debt Collection, CCSI is a World-Class Contact Center Service Provider strategically located in Baja California, Mexico (minutes from San Diego, California) and Mexico City (with direct flights from major United States airports), helping North American companies establish high-performing Nearshore Contact Centers in Mexico.