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CCSI Prepares Call Center Agents to Meet Customer Expectations

CCSI Prepares Call Center Agents to Meet Customer Expectations

Call Center Services International agents have a comprehensive understanding of the important role they play in our clients' business, as well as their impact in overall call center operations.

Each contact center agent can make a huge difference in a customer's experience, which will ultimately result in customer satisfaction and positive bottom line impact.

This is why our in-house training staff customizes training to our client's needs. They help our call center agents identify opportunities to make a difference in a customer interaction and quantify the impact of their work in the overall operation, as well as on the other team members. Training types include Systems and Processes, Certification Programs, Negotiation and Closing Techniques, Customer Satisfaction, How to Deal with Rejection, Up Sell and Cross Sell Opportunities.

Training Manager Agustin Pedraza develops highly efficient training and coaching programs for our agents, bringing years of experience in training and working with groups. His educational background, which includes Graphic Design, International Business, and Finance, has helped him meet his professional goals. He has extensive experience in 1st and 3rd party collections, law firm collections, skip-tracing, coaching and supervision, quality assurance, as well as sales and customer service. His experience in CCSI has lead him to work with nationwide law firms and collection agencies.

Raised in North Carolina, Janeth Razo is the youngest Training Instructor to join the team. With over four years in legal collections, her experience in being complaisant to industry and client stand operating procedures has allowed her to adopt the best practices. She has utilized these to train in many portfolios, such as 1st & 3rd party collections, Legal collections, customer service and lead generation just to name a few.

Learn more about CCSI's agent training and recruitment and see how your business can benefit from a fully bilingual, bicultural and motivated nearshore call center workforce.