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Choose the Best Nearshore Debt Collection Center With a Quick Evaluation

Choose the Best Nearshore Debt Collection Center With a Quick Evaluation

Finding a new solution provider can be overwhelming, time-consuming and complicated, specifically when it’s a debt collection call center provider.

Because of the importance that it represents to your company, the money you need to recover, the clients you don’t want to lose and the industry ever-evolving rules, regulations and best practices to follow.

The key to making any big goal easier is to divide it into steps. Your first step can be creating a Quick Call Center Checklist.

What you need first is to list your minimal requirements, your must-haves. For example, the need to provide information security, have specific certifications, a proven track record, or being in a specific price range.

Next, you add any qualifications you would need and like it to have, for instance, proximity to my center, having an agent development program, a customer-centric philosophy, and many more you can think about.

Once you have this checklist, you can start looking for call center solution providers. Via Google, LinkedIn, on directories, asking for recommendations, using a consultant, wherever you can think of. When finding a call center that seems to be a good one, you can start to mark your list. If it doesn’t have the things you selected as a must, you can continue with the other one, and don’t forget to take notes. It's probable that you might not find everything on the web, and you might need to call for information, but the checklist will be a great tool because you will know already what to ask.

If the first contact doesn’t provide you all the answers, the checklist could be more useful, because you could choose to share the list to the person in charge so they can have a better objective in mind and save you time by only showing you the information you’re looking for.

Lastly, there are some things you should keep in mind. The more requirements you have, the harder it would be to find a good vendor, try to avoid putting too many specifications, be more general and mindful about each point in the list, and think about if it is a must-have or a nice to have.


Now, here you can see an example of a quick call center evaluation we created for you! You can use it as a reference for yours.


Nearshore Debt Collection Evaluation