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Thanksgiving Season: The Best Time To Thank Your Call Center Team

Thanksgiving Season

November is here, and the Thanksgiving season has come. The perfect time to thank all your hard-working agents starts now.

As a call center, you need to keep your team motivated, so that they can continue giving their best as they have done all year long. They have been the key members for the success of your company, and they deserve to be acknowledged.

Gratitude will always be welcome. Don’t miss the opportunity to show your appreciation to the team. You don’t need too much, just a little hint of creativity and sincere affection. We bring to you five great ideas you could put into action.

1. DIY thank you cards

The hand-made details are always the best. Try not to use all those pre-written thank you cards, but if you do, write something else from your heart.

Whether it’s long or short the message – trust us, they’ll appreciate it.

Let them know how much you appreciate all the hard work they do, and of course, make them feel how they are not just a number.

2. Congratulate them in public

For good reasons, people love it when they are recognized in front of other people for their good work. Think about it just for a moment: there is a reason why people love so much all these forms of recognition: graduations, award ceremonies, and the wall of fame.

So, if you want to do something even more special for your agents, when you have a meeting with the whole team, take a moment to express good things you see about them. Making them feel appreciated and valued for what they represent to the company, this will create the deepest sense of belonging to your firm, and can show they have your support  to grow in the company.

3. Make your team smile

Creating a smooth and nice environment with your call center agents will:

  • Establish a great connection between everyone at the firm
  • Decrease stress levels at the office
  • Improve teamwork

In order to make this happen, you can put up some fun activities, or even inviting them for a free lunch; that could be the perfect way to get to know them a little bit better. Let them forget about work for an instant and use the occasion to spend time with them.

4. Small forms of gratitude

When you reach the point of knowing very well your team members, a simple gift can have even more value than an expensive one.

Get to know your people on a personal level. Learn about their family, their hobbies, their passions; this way you’ll be able to give them a personalized gift that will make them feel known and appreciated.

5. Time-off!

Yes! A time-off will give them a moment to do what they enjoy, and trust us, they will be thankful for it. Free time and schedule flexibility are always valuable. Giving them time to take a break will give them more energy to come back to work.

You could apply this tip by letting them leave an hour earlier on a Friday, letting them choose their days off, or even letting them negotiate their schedule. Or even better! Give them an extra day off to use it whenever they need it.


November: A Thanksgiving Season

All these tips are some of the many ways of saying “thank you” to your agents for their hard work and true value to the company.

Friendly reminder: Give thanks in a timely manner. Don’t wait too much to demonstrate how thankful you are for something. Thanking and rewarding your agents in a proper manner will motivate them to do more.

And remember, you should constantly thank your team, not only on Thanksgiving.

At  Call Center Services International  we are grateful of having an exceptional team and we like to show it. Taking care of the safety protocols, we love to organize several activities for the agents to keep them motivated. This way, we guarantee the best performance and great customer service. Learn more about our talented bicultural workforce.

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